Tinder is very famed dating app. It’s very easy to use. According to Customer Query Online many Tinder users commonly experience various problems in Tinder, some of which include notification problem. You can either get a notice about another message without having the selection to understand it or reply, or not get the notification in any case. Then dont’ be worry here I am write about how to fix ‘Notifications Not Working On Tinder’ issue.

How To Fix ‘Notifications Not Work  On Tinder’ Problem

I hope, you are already turned on Tinder impulse notification. Should I turn on or turn off Tinder push up notification? is a big query. At this time just keep it side and focus on how to fix ‘Notifications Not Working On Tinder’ issue.


  • Open Tinder app on your mobile phone.
  • Tap the Person icon at the top right of your home screen.
  • Under your profile, there is a Settings, click on it.
  • Then, It will open a setting page.
  • On the Settings page, scroll down and find Application Settings.
  • Under the Application Settings, there are Email,Push notifications and Team Tinder choice.

Choice Push notifications and new matches, messages, message likes and super likes and top picks gratify enable all of them or you can allow notifications just the one you want. Ensure the button becomes red, assuming it doesn’t light up, click it once more.

If you still facing Tinder notifications problem. Just follow below mention steps.


  • Firstly, sign out of your tinder account and log back in.
  • Turn on airplane mode on your mobile. This may sound diffrent, but in most cases, this often solves certain app-related issues.
  • Assuming that it actually doesn’t work, you can remove or uninstall your Tinder app.
  • Download and reinstall Tinder from your individual app store and sign in again with your Facebook account.

Assuming you are connecting Tinder in your browser, you actually want to open your browser. Then, at that point, go to Settings and disable notifications. At long last, allow them again and confirm. These means work for any gadget or browser, they are somewhat changed in every one of them.

On the off gamble that you have an iPad or an iPhone, you really need to open the iOS settings. Then, at that point, click on Notifications, lastly, tap on Tinder. In the first place, disable and enable authorize notifications.