If the Internet Goes Out, Does Wireless Security System Still Work?


This depends on the type of wireless home security alarm system you have installed in your home. Typically, homeowners have one of four choices when it comes to connectivity to the alarm monitoring company:


Traditional telephone lines

Cellular Radio

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)


These reasons include network outages at your ISP, a power outage, equipment failure, and deliberate outages, like prank-playing neighbor kids or even a burglar cutting the wire outside your home. Wireless connections using VoIP technology are vulnerable to Internet outages as they draw their power from the home phone line.




Some alarm companies use technology designed to maintain connectivity with the monitoring center in the event of Internet outages when using VoIP.Cellular radio offers the most reliability for connecting your burglar alarm system with a monitoring company and remain unaffected if the Internet goes offline at your house.



Like a cellular phone, these types of home security systems use specific radio frequencies to maintain communication with cellular transmitters in outage situations.



In the case of the DFS alarm system, you don’t need to worry about the internet and power outage. Because DFS offer their own paid M2M sim card.


So if due to power outage your home router has stopped working or your ISP has stopped your home internet services then also, your alarm system will be able to communicate with SIM card internet.


Also, DFS uses three communication channels to communicate with CMS and homeowners. These are TCP/IP, GPRS, and GSM as a backup communication channel.


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