House Pressure Washing Christchurch

The WashDown King Specialists can clean the exterior of your home and any external hard surfaces. We use a safe, biodegradable solution to wash down under low pressure without damaging the surface. Our expertise, specialized house washing techniques, and equipment can add value to your home, and removing dirt and grime regularly (annually) doubles the life of paint work.​

Our exterior property cleaning services can include pre-painting cleaning, water blasting (hot, cold, low, or high pressure), steam cleaning, paint stripping, coatings, sealing, and waterproofing. The WashDown King also provides specialist restoration cleaning for Commercial Building Pressure Washing.

The WashDown King Specialists may clean exterior hard surfaces if you choose. We wash down using a safe, biodegradable solution at low pressure to not damage the surface. It's possible to increase the value of your property by using our experience, specialized house cleaning methods, and state-of-the-art equipment. Pre-painting cleaning, water blasting (hot, cold, low, or high pressure), steam cleaning, paint peeling, coatings, sealing, and waterproofing are some of the exterior property cleaning services we do. The WashDown King also offers restoration cleaning services for historical and sensitive structures.

Exterior House Wash Christchurch services provided by WashDown King include:

  • Cleaning and sealing of driveways, walkways, pavers, and cobblestones
  • Cleaning and removing of graffiti from fences
  • Cleaning of stairwells, steps, and corridors
  • Garages and balconies
  • Cleaning the surface in preparation for painting
  • Soap and water for the home
  • Cleaning the roof and gutters
  • Treatment with moss
  • High and low-rise water blasting for window cleaning

"The WashDown King: OUR VALUES"

To ensure that The WashDown King can effectively execute duties that others cannot, we are constantly enhancing our expertise and abilities.

It is important to us at The WashDown King that everything we do, from how we arrive at a worksite to how we depart, is done professionally.

We put a significant priority on keeping our end of the bargain. If

The WashDown King's customer loyalty is not based on the fact that we are always the cheapest; instead, it is based on our commitment to offering the most outstanding value for our customers while also providing excellent customer service.