Canon drivers and software must be the latest to set up a Canon printer, hence follow the given steps and install the latest Canon drivers and software;

Step 1: Launch the web browser and visit the site.

Step 2: You will now see different options including Set up and manuals. Hence click the “Set Up” tab. 

Step 3: Here, either choose the printer type from the given options or enter the direct model number of your model. 

Step 4: You can also select the model name and find your product from the bottom.

Step 5: Press Enter or tap on Go and go to the next page.

Step 6: Choose the country/region here and hit Start.

Step 7: Look for the Canon drivers, software, and Firmware, and Choose the setup you need to download.

Step 8: Click Download, save the file, and run the installer by following prompts. 

Install Canon Printer
Step 1: Download Printer drivers: Go to and download the driver according to your printer model number.

Step 2: Select connection type: Double-click on the icon and choose your connection type (USB or Wireless).

Step 3: Power On your Printer: Turn your printer on by pressing the power button.

Step 4: Wireless Connection: To turn on the printer’s WIFI, press the WIFI alarm button.

Step 5: Confirm Connection: If you see the flashing lights (green & blue), then your printer is connected.

Step 6: Read Term & Agree: Now click on the “I agree” button to proceed with the installation. Step 7: Final Steps: click on the finish button to complete the installation process.

Complete Guide to Canon Printer Wireless Setup on Windows
We here at have the complete solution for those who either have bought a new canon printer or have an older one and facing trouble in connecting them with their device wirelessly. All needed is to follow the instructions through below in the guide:

The very first step is to insert the printer’s power cable into an electric outlet and make sure to turn the switch on.
Now, turn the power button on from the printer as well and make sure that the button has been lightened up.
The next step is to install the cartridge compatible with your canon printer and insert the paper into the paper tray.
Now, as you are done with the hardware setup of the printer. You can proceed further to the Network setup.
Just go to the operational panel of the canon printer and press the “Menu” button.
Next ahead just choose the option mentioned as “Network Settings” and then select “LAN settings” and press the OK button.
Once the OK button is pressed, a list with all the available wireless networks will be displayed on the printer’s screen.
Now, choose the desired wireless network you want to connect with and hit the OK button and, confirm.
When you see that the device is connected, you are almost done with the process.
Now, only what remains is to install the best compatible drivers for which visit
Enter the correct model number into the search box and click on the search button.
Now, click on the start button to start downloading the drivers and installation software for your printer.
When you see the software is downloaded, just click on it to install it and once it is installed, you are good to go and print with your printer.