1. Start a routine

This is the most classic and effective option on How to Make Friends in a New City. Starting work, taking a cooking class, joining a soccer team ... Getting involved in a routine is the perfect and easiest way to meet new faces without looking desperate. You have the excuse to do something else and, at the same time, meet others without realizing it. There is nothing to give it with: frequency is the best ally to hatch. Sand down in a very subtle - very subtle - way the protective barriers we have.

  1. Use apps (like meet up)

Meet up connects people from the same place with common interests. Are you missing a player for the chess tournament? Are you interested in watching TED talks with others and discussing them as a group? Looking for a meditation group? Want to ask about what is Mindfulness Meditation?, Big cities have more organized events and active users than other smaller towns, but wherever you are, it's worth finding out. If no event interests you, create it yourself such as writing about Relationship Advice Blogs.


  1. Look for the #igers community in instagram

Social networks are salvation. Instagram is a useful platform to organize community events; you have to learn some tricks to take advantage of it. "Igers" is an acronym for "Instagrammers" and many cities have their local hashtag that makes it easy for people to share photos and news through it. #igersbuenosaires / #igersgenova / # igersbogota…I didn't know this existed until before I moved. Through the hashtag of #igersgenova, I found out there was a photoshoot organized with Canon's support and that we could use free Canon products - lenses, cameras, and more - to test them. At the end of the tour, we printed our favorite images, and we were also invited to a snack to socialize. One of the most important photographers of the century, Steve McCurry, gave a conference in Genoa a few weeks ago, and the #igersgenova community organized a contest where the ten winners met him. Browse what is being organized where you are and be amazed.

  1. Take a tour of libraries and universities

Libraries and universities have something significant in common: their billboards. From theatre groups and people asking about how to Increase Willpower, to English literary clubs, many events are shared with entrepreneurs looking for a programmer. There is info on apartments or rooms for rent too, so if you still don't know where you are going to live, take a look. Billboards are magical spaces where you can find even what you did not think you were looking for. It is a bit like word of mouth embodied in something tangible.

  1. Travel shared

If you want to visit somewhere, instead of moving by train or bus, travel with Blablacar or another similar platform that allows you to go in a shared way. You put a car, and the expenses are shared among all. (I don't know if there is something like this in Argentina or South America ... Does anyone know? In Europe, Blablacar is used a lot.) It is cheaper, and it is an opportunity to meet others. You never know, maybe you are lucky, and the driver shares your same interests, and they become best friends, and if not, you have at least the feeling that you were social for the hours of the trip.