The thinking behind turning back the time clock on ageing by tricking your system into believing it can be altitude training while you’re sitting comfortably in a leather armchair seems too good being true, right?

Improved dermis tone, fewer wrinkles, more energy, better concentration, increased sleep and, in these kind of worrying coronavirus times, a stronger vigor, are just a few of the benefits offered by intermittent hypoxia-hyperoxia therapy. I’ve always shied from the invasive anti-ageing skin remedies – Botox, fillers and facelifts are possibly not for me. But, with 53, I feel I really could do with a serving hand at looking and feeling younger. So the fact that IHHT is totally natural piqued my fascination.
There’s no preparation, in addition to avoiding a big meal right before treatment, and I arrive at the Cell Clinic, just simply off London’s Harley Street, feeling a little anxious about what lies forward.

I needn’t have anxious. Dr Ursula Radloff, who at 67 is a fantastic advert for IHHT, together with barely a line on her face and lots of of energy, sits me in your reclining leather armchair which has a cup of herbal tea in front of a huge photograph involving Mont Blanc, the mountain my physique will think it’s climbing in the next few days of treatments.

Next to me may be a large white cube using neon flashing lights, which turns out in the form of state-of-the-art oxygen compressor, plugged in to a tablet containing my process of seven 40-minute treatments to overpower and monitor my breathable air saturation and record my personal heart levels. At every session I’ll breathe oxygen in different concentrations via a clear rubber mask wired approximately the compressor.
It’s billed as the most relaxing gym workout you are able to experience, effortlessly increasing your exercise while reducing your susceptibility to illness for a cellular level.

As the mask is strapped on Personally i think claustrophobic, as if I’m planning to go under anaesthetic. The oxygen machine chugs out, sounding not dissimilar to some generator, and we focus on low oxygen (hypoxia) pertaining to five minutes, followed by three minutes of huge oxygen (hyperoxia). Normal oxygen intake is concerning 21 per cent however this push-and-pull pattern recognizes me endure hypoxia with 11. 5 per penny (equivalent to climbing FIVE, 900 metres) before transferring to hyperoxia at 34 per cent.

I notice the atmosphere inside the mask at low levels is a lot like being at the top of the alpine ski run – cool, crisp and fresh – while the increased oxygen level by contrast feels like walking through Singapore. It’s warmer and more humid, the mask contracting with each breath.
Doctor Ursula, whose patients fly in for treatment from as way afield as Dubai, Paris and the usa, explains the science powering the treatment.

“Our bodies are derived from 80 trillion cells along with the mitochondria is the powerhouse of cells, ” she affirms. “They build adenosine triphosphate, otherwise referred to as ATP, which is the chemical basis for those reactions and metabolic processes inside body. The mitochondria is incredibly sensitive and easily harmed by lifestyle, stress, aging and pollution and ruined cells can’t produce sufficient ATP, which can lead to chronic diseases typically starting in the mitochondria. IHHT reverses that damage by cleaning the cells, eliminating the outdated, damaged mitochondria and replacing it from increased production of ATP. 201911ld