Not long ago, EA Sports updated the ratings of all the players who will be shipped out of the new Madden NFL game on the official page of Madden 21, which aroused discussion and controversy among players. In fact, the evaluation of athletes will always produce different results, and those who have ratingd higher than expected are very satisfied. Other players are underestimated, and their fans will feel unhappy about it. Although the developer can correct or modify these data at any time. But if the player’s initial rating in Madden 21 has serious problems, the player’s gaming experience will be affected. In order to Buy MUT 21 Coins solve a series of problems caused by this, the developers of Madden 21 should modify those unreasonable player ratings as soon as possible. The athletes we are going to discuss today are from Seattle Seahawks, continue reading this article, you will understand where EA's problem lies.

D.K. Metcalf – 79
Given that he's fresh into the NFL scene, D.K. Metcalf certainly isn't up there yet with the opposite elite wide receivers. However, his rookie campaign was better than what plenty of individuals gave him credit for.
In the 2019-20 season, Metcalf recorded 900 receiving yards and seven touchdowns. His numbers nearly match up to WR Tyler Lockett’s, proving that he may be a reliable second option. He also has shown Rusell Wilson and also the remainder of his team his ability to accelerate through difficult times, like catching a 53-yard touchdown pass to assist the Seahawks beat the Philadelphia Eagles within the Wild Card playoff round. Metcalf used his rookie season to prove that he will be another offensive weapon for Wilson, which may be a good case for him to be ranked a touch higher within the Madden rankings.

Bobby Wagner – 98
As a veteran with extensive experience in the NFL, Bobby Wagner has grown from a rookie in the league to the leader of the Seahawks. At the age of 30, he is also one of the most reliable guards in the team. His highest record in an NFL game is to lead the team to 159 sacks and rating 3 sacks and one interception in the 2019-20 season alone.
But it’s worth noting that although Wagner’s statistics are very eye-catching in the linebacker, if you consider the overall defense in Seahawks history-Seattle ranked 27th in passing defense and 22nd in rushing defense, his rating is obviously too high.

Especially when the team is facing disadvantages, Wagner's ability is not enough to support him to lead the team to complete the reversal. The last time the Seahawks played against Green Bay in the playoffs, Wagner had only 5 successful tackles in the entire game, which was unqualified for the team leader. From this perspective, other defensive players such as K.J. Wright and Shaquill Griffin are better than him in both passes defended and interception.
In general, if you have a good understanding of the history of Seahawks and have a deep understanding of Wagner's statistics, his current rating of 98 in Madden 21 is obviously too high. The rating of 92 seems more reasonable.

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