Grounded Vs Whole Flax Seeds- a debatable topic for years! It took decades for the scientists to bring down to the conclusion whether grounded flax seeds are better or whole flax seeds. So, here is the solution to all your flax related queries. This article is celebrated for all flax seeds lovers who are switching their cursor to buy flax seeds online.

Let’s first explore what are flax seeds and why you must have them in your diet?                                                                        


Flax or linseed comes from Linum usitatissimum. In India, they are commonly known by their Hindi name – Alsi ke beej. Flax seeds are an excellent addition to recipes for their crispy, crunchy and nutty nature. They are blessed with taste and nutrients. The reason to incorporate them into your diet is their high nutritious value. Flax seeds are –

  • Rich in Omega-3-fatty acids – which are important for your cardiac system
  • Antidote against cancer – flax seeds significantly lower the risk of cancer
  • Loaded with proteins, fibers, vitamins and minerals – maintain optimal health status
  • Cholesterol-lowering agents
  • Helpful in high blood pressure
  • Blood sugar stabilizers
  • Weight reducing substances


The chief reason accounting for the polarity of grounded and whole flax seeds is their digestion. Whole flax seeds are not optimally digested by our body. They sometimes pass right away through your body without being digested. Grounded seeds on the other hand are easily digested by the body. Not only digested but loved by our body. Thus, digestion has got a big role to play in both the flax seed types.

It is thus very clear, grounded flax seeds are better than whole flax seeds. The body can easily consume powdered seeds and hop for their health benefits. These blended flax seeds can be directly added to your cooked meals or submitted during the cooking stage. Bake, roast or garnish them as you like. Flax seeds buy online and make the most out of your meals.

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It’s really difficult to conclude the wholesome benefits of these magical seeds. Just don’t forget that your “Alsi Ka Beej” has got the power to protect you against all odds of health. Flex your health with Flaxseeds!