The pillow for back pain is a kind of an orthopedic pillow that, as the word intimated, gives comfort to your back. Most people who undergo spinal pain are those who lie down in a very awkward situation or sit in one place for a prolonged duration of time and in these cases back pillow is very important. If you will use this orthopedic pillow, your back and neck pain will feel good significantly. We all know back pain pillow can get really worse if the right measure isn’t taken.


You can practice a back sleeper pillow while driving a vehicle or just on a chair of your office. You can carry it with you when you are on a journey for a long period of time. You also need a back pillow for comfort while relaxing. Here are the various types of best sleeping pillows and back cushions.

Lumbar Pillow:

Structured like a horseshoe or rectangle, a lumbar pillow assists fill the gap formed between the seat and your spine and this is a sort of firm pillow. Most people practice this type of pillow while traveling because it grasps the weight that can create back pain.

A standard lumbar pillow is compact and light. It presents quality care for your cervical neck and head and reduces stress on your arm and neck muscles. This is also helpful for sleeping in a sitting position, if you want to take a nap on office chair its perfect. Furthermore, a lumbar pillow can be practiced under the knees for leg raise.

Donut Pillow:

This orthopedic pillow features a core hole and is typical for use by people who grieve from tailbone ache. Pregnant women are likely to receive tailbone pain. This sort of back pain pillow renders pain relief, thanks to its inner hole pattern which engrosses the gravitation force, thus reducing the stress that creates tailbone pain.

Memory Foam Pillow:

This orthopedic pillow is viscoelastic and was basically formed by the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). It is utilized by spacemen in space shuttles to alleviate stress generated by the G-Force while take off. Numerous times denser compared to conventional polyurethane foam, the memory foam stuff is heat-sensitive, providing you great comfort.

Tri-Core Pillow:

This pillow highlights an individual trapezoid center that adapts to the frame of your head and neck, providing them excellent support. It aids align your head and neck in their particular positions, thus reducing any chance of creating a stiff neck or back pain. The pillow is stuffed with stuff which is an antimicrobial thing that can stop the breakout and spread of bacteria and mold, providing you a lingering freshness.

Sobakawa Pillow:

Formed with buckwheat hulls, this back pillow is usually recognized to give coolness to an user’s head also known as pillow cooler. It has the therapeutic benefits of aiding relieve or prevent head spins and lightheadedness, stiff neck, inflamed muscles, and backache. The buckwheat filling enables the pillow to form to the state of the person's head and neck, extending a peaceful sleep in a pretty relaxed and childlike position.

When picking the right pillow for back pain, pick one that is affordable but will render you the superior ease and support. For more information visit now!