The second language programs has become a staple in all the schools for decades. Students in high school, middle school and in elementary school are taking classes to learn languages like Spanish, Germany and French from so long. However, a recent trend in schools around the country is that they are placing an increased focus on teaching students Chinese Lesson.

According to many people, learning Chinese is tough as this language is one of the most difficult one in the world which is true. But the grammar of this language is very easy to learn and the structure of sentence is similar to that of the English language. The verbs in Chinese language are in one form with zero conjugations. Apart from this, this language has no gender and no plural forms of nouns. And because of all this language is easy to learn.

Mandarin Chinese is the most common dialect language of Northern China. Chinese tutor in Singapore teach the same language as it is the top language which is spoken in Singapore and also this language is the official language of education, politics and the media in China and Taiwan. As the written Chinese is hard, it is good to focus on speaking the language first. Once you are good in speaking you can easily improve your writing skills, especially when if this language comes in your study or business requirement.


The Higher Chinese education system is totally different from the America system. The Chinese college students usually attend classes from Monday to Friday even they take extra classes, tutoring, and Chinese study sessions on Saturday and Sunday. It is very difficult to get through the Chinese colleges and universities. Only about 10 to 20 percent of high school students who are graduates they can go to technical colleges or universities and their exam results will decides not only which universities they can go, but also about what majors they can study. Once university is agree on the same, the students can go through their course of studies in team of thirty-five to forty. Each group takes the same classes and the same will be shared by the members, with eight people to a small,gender separate dormitories, confined room. The toilet facilities and shower are in a different building. One of the students from each team will be appointed as the class monitor, and he or she becomes tasked with assuring that all classroom and dormitory activities take place with as few problems as possible. The secondary Chinese has the same education system which serves an individuality and severely restrict creativity in students. Same as with the public education system, the experience in college classroom involves memorization, listening,and continuous preparation for an entrance exams and the placements tests. However, College student’s testsare cumulative and it will determine the workwhich they will do after graduation, and thus quality of life in their future. The nature of the Chinese education is competitive and the system has produced students who are very earnest, extremely hardworking and obedient, yet who severely lack initiative.