For many brides, hiring a wedding planner is a very expensive affair and they therefore opt to plan and coordinate their wedding themselves with the help of family members. Owing to this, wedding planners have had to come up with a new service to cater for clients who cannot afford the full service of a wedding planner. This service is referred to as the day of wedding coordination service.

The main role of a Wedding Coordinator is to make sure that the wedding flows together smoothly and perfectly as visualized by the bride and groom. Simply put, hiring a day of wedding coordinator is like hiring an assistant for your wedding day so you don't have to worry about anything. The coordinator puts together all the final logistics of your wedding and becomes the point of contact for all your vendors. He/she also coordinates wedding day decorations, set up, placement of tables, timeline, and supervises all vendors making sure that you are stress free and have a beautiful wedding day.

So why should you hire a day of wedding coordinator?

  1. Putting together all the final logistics will be stressful

As your wedding day approaches, you will be dealing with multiple vendors as well as family demands. Hiring a day of wedding coordinator relieves you the stress of dealing with vendors allowing you to enjoy time with your family as well as your fiancé.

  1. You don't want to assign a family member this role because you want them enjoying your day with you

Although assigning the role of coordinator to a family member will cut down on costs, the family member assigned this role will miss out on all the special moments with you as they are busy trying to make everything flow together smoothly.

  1. Need the touch of a professional

You are going to part with a lot of money for all the different vendors that you will be working for you on your wedding day, including the photographer, videographer, food vendors and the venue. You should therefore be able to enjoy these services and get the most out of the money you've spent by allowing a professional to help you coordinate and supervise all the vendors. The professional will make sure that your venue is well set up, your guests are well catered for, and your photographer takes as many photos of you as possible in the right settings and that any issues arising during the day are resolved without you ever being involved.

If you want your wedding your way, you can plan for it yourself but get someone else who understands your vision to go above and beyond in executing your well thought out wedding plan. Wedding planners may be expensive, but the cost of hiring a day of wedding coordinator is considerably lower and worth it if you plan on enjoying a stress free beautiful wedding.