If you have an idea for a home setting in your head but are unsure whether it will come to fruition, our interior designers can help bring it to life. Visit a MUBU Homes store today with pictures of where your table is going, and we'll help you find the perfect dining tables online Australia for your lifestyle.

Your dining table is something you use multiple times a day, and a few pieces of furniture make eating more enjoyable. Since it's also a centerpiece for your household and a great gathering place, choosing the right shape and size that complements your home décor and personality can be crucial if you're building or redecorating. Although most dining tables today are rectangular or square, we at MUBU Homes know that selecting an oval hardwood table can be just as special while staying true to its origins.


Create Space in Your Room

While a rectangular table will always look more attractive in a rectangular room, round wood dining tables can do great things for spaces that have little square footage! One interesting way they create the illusion of space is because they have no corners and allow you to move around easier than you would if there were corners in your way. You'll also notice that by putting this type of table in your home, you'll have lots of room to spread out cards or books whenever you need extra space to study or when you need extra surface area on which to play games with family throughout the week or during special occasions such as thanksgiving.


Fit More people

The holiday season is so much more enjoyable when there's room to move and breathe. So for the holidays this year, don't just set the dining room table with a boring rectangular arrangement of seats - instead, why not try setting up a round table for your family? Which will not only allow for more people to fit comfortably around it at once but also be positioned at a slight angle from each other so there'll be no pesky bumping shoulders!


Make People Feel Included

The downside to square tables is that it can feel a bit awkward having to sit there silently listening when people start conversations. They don't always seem to know how to bring you into the conversation. Round tables are much better for keeping the conversational flow going and putting everyone on an equal playing field when starting a conversation. Plus, at round tables, you don't even have to ask someone for the mashed potatoes from over there - reach over and grab it yourself!


Protect The Little Ones

Suppose you have little toddlers learning to walk around your home. In that case, the sharp corners of rectangular tables can often be quite dangerous, especially if they are starting to learn how to navigate their way around objects manoeuvering them nearby or trying not to trip over. That's why most furniture makers often prefer producing round tables because there are no sharp edges, so accidents involving small children would otherwise be avoided and therefore save parents from unnecessary worry about whether or not their little one was hurt.


In Conclusion

When you're looking to shop for modern dining tables Melbourne that are just right for you, make sure to consider all your options! There are many different shapes and sizes out there, so when it comes down to choosing which one is best, we like to encourage people to investigate their other options, such as the round oblong. So the next time you head into the store and are faced with an option between rectangular and round tables, take your floor plan in with you when you visit a MUBU HOMES display home or our showroom and get some help from an interior designer in making that important decision.


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