Outbreak of Corona virus and becoming of it as pandemic has put people all over the world in a terrific condition. Everyone worries about one’s health and want to keep away from being a victim of Novel Corona Virus. In this scenario, we became familiar with some words such as hand sanitizer, hand wash, disinfectant spray and of course, the mask! Many people are still not aware of the meaning and chemical functioning of these things, though these have become a part of their life.


Meaning of these words, especially sanitizer, cleaner and disinfectants are misused and bought confusion among users. Some products can add confusion as they can be a mix of two of the above. Hand sanitizer manufacturers develop new products such as ‘one-step disinfectant cleaner’ or items that both sanitize and disinfect food items.

What could be the actual difference between these different categories of products? Sanitizers can decrease the presence of bacteria on a surface by 99.9% with the presence of alcohol. Handwash does the same job but need water to clean your hand and disinfectants kill microorganisms than sanitizers. Hand sanitizer manufacturer in India works as per the guidelines regulated by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Law demands that a chemical product should get EPA certified to label it as a sanitizer or disinfectant. Some hand sanitizer third party manufacturer registers a formula as both, for example disinfectant-sanitizer! EPA needs these products tested against particular germs, and marks the specific germs individually on the label. Not every disinfectant can kill all kinds of germs, so it is essential to understand your needs and then choose the brand that works the best for your surface.

Hand sanitizer private label manufacturer in India needs to label the time the product takes to kill germs. Some formulas kill germs in 5 minutes while others need just one minute or less. This ‘dwell time’ should be considered when choosing disinfectant products. Food contact sanitizers are new arrival to the market that can be used to clean the areas that will later touch food. These sanitizers should be used according to the instructions and the areas should get dried completely before use.

Third party hand wash manufacturer in India brings in products that are simple and straight when compared with sanitizers and disinfectants. They not only kill germs but also remove dirt and soil. Hence, you can choose from these wide ranges and keep you as well as the surrounded area clean and germ-free! When you search for these products online, consider the search bar and look for particular microorganism removal.

Other than these products, mask has become the most important part of our life, especially when you go out. Custom mask printing online in India is dynamic with a wide range of masks in different quality materials. You can choose from material, price rates and design. Get these things to mask your life from the attack of Corona Virus. Keep everyday a healthy day!