Relaxation music is an effective tool for relaxing a person's body, mind and spirit. A stressed professional can easily benefit from enjoying some soothing music after a hectic workday at the office. Relaxation music affects our minds significantly, possibly more than science will ever know.

When you listen deeply to music, your mind gets activated and in return releasing endorphins into your blood stream. Since the endorphins boost your levels, you will begin to feel really feel relaxed, centered and calm. Your physical body is also affected by music. If you could listen to your heart beat with a stethoscope, you would find that your heartbeat increases or decelerates based on the timing and beats of the music. Listening to relaxation music your heart will decrease, whilst listening to heavy metal, you will find a sharp increase in your heart beat.

The next time you return home after a stressful day, why not light a candle and treat yourself to a warm bubble bath with some soothing, relaxation music playing in the background. As you soak and soothe your tired body in the bathtub, close your eyes. You will soon feel revitalized.

Maybe you are a student and have trouble focusing on studies before a final examination. If this is the case, listen with headphones to some brainwave entrainment music or binaural beats. This music alone will not only relax you, but will assist you to study and even retain your focus. There are plenty of soundtracks on the World Wide Web with this type of healing relaxation music.

If you have sleep problems during the night, try listening to music that is aimed specifically to assist with sleep issues. Light some incense or use aromatherapy to compliment the music. (Please remember to never to use a naked flame unattended!) The combination of healing relaxed music and aromatherapy (lavender is great to help you to sleep - a few drops on your pillow works wonders), will have you sleeping in no time at all.

It has even been proven by scientific research that relaxation music can assist with the acceleration of recovery from an illness or particular injury. This is not just a placebo effect that we are speaking of here, this has been proven time and time again. Often in hospitals they play relaxation music whilst the mother is giving birth - not only does this help to relax the mother, but imagine how beneficial this is for the newborn baby coming into the world with beautiful sounds of relaxation music playing nearby.

It has been noted that people with high blood pressure have seen dramatic improvements in listening to brainwave entrainment, binaural beats and other forms of meditative music. Indeed, some have even reported to have come off their medications completely! No more high blood pressure.