EVs are the cost-effective vehicles of the future and an environmentally friendly transport option. Our car charger installation team ensures that the entire process is executed responsibly and professionally. We aim at offering dependable electric vehicle charging solutions throughout Ireland that are easy to use.  Through our electric car charger installations, we strive to ensure that no electric vehicle in Ireland remains powerless. We want your EVs to be fully charged before hitting the roads!


Thinking of installing chargers for your business?

You can draw in an always developing number of EV drivers as clients by offering charging focuses. We provides a variety or chargers to suit any business, with a range of features and speeds.



Candidates can either visit separate discom entries or call accessible helpline numbers. They can visit the entry and select an electric vehicle (EV) charger of their decision out of the ones that have been added to the entryway by the public authority. You could think about the costs of these chargers and request an establishment on the web or through a call.



Charging at home via a power socket or installing a charging station?

You can regularly charge your electric vehicle by means of a customary power attachment, yet that relies upon the sort of vehicle and battery. Electric vehicle makers give an extraordinary link and connector that you can use to charge your car.

The Cable is fitted with an In-Cable Control Box. This guarantees ideal assurance while charging your electric vehicle because of a wellbeing switch and a flow restricting device.

However, family power attachments are not intended to supply high current levels so consistently and over significant stretches. So it is vital to restrict the charging current. Charge your vehicle as regularly as conceivable at a particular charging point