The Best Slots Bonuses Site Online Slot

Online slots have become very popular and there are now special websites that are dedicated just to slots. Considering the amount of interest online slots have generated, it is not surprising that many online casinos are now offering slots bonuses to new players. These bonuses are invariably paid out when a new player registers for the first time. Depending on the policy of the online casino, the amount of bonus is decided.

It has been seen that most online casinos use slots bonuses as an incentive to attract new players. The bonus is in the form of real money that is deposited into the person's account and then the player can play the game without having to spend or risk his own money. The idea behind giving online slots bonuses is very simple -- if the player enjoys himself, he will become a regular customer and start depositing his own money to play the game.

Therefore, when it comes to playing slots online, it is always advisable to take advantage of slots bonuses. However, the best advantage will come from getting the maximum bonus. For this you should know which sites offer the best slots bonuses. This can be a tedious and tiresome job as you will first have to check out all the online casinos offering bonuses, compare the various bonuses, and then select the sites that offer the best slots bonuses.

However, this process of weeding out low slots bonuses can be done very easily. There are many websites on the Internet that are dedicated to bringing the best slots bonuses to their visitors. These websites list down all the casinos after reviewing them based on their licenses, payout history, customer support and slots bonuses that they offer players. One such site is that excels in ensuring visitors only get the best slot bonuses from casinos.

The slot bonuses are given when a new player makes his initial deposit. Usually the bonus is set at a particular percentage of the deposit. However, since this is real cash in the player's account, he can withdraw or play with the amount, depending on the rules of withdrawal the casino has.

A player should always be looking to deposit the maximum allowable amount as most slot bonuses match the initial deposit amount. For instance, a slot bonus of $150 is only paid if a player deposits $150 initially. However, if the same player deposits $50, he will be entitled to just $50, which is the amount that matches his initial deposit.

Some of the best slots bonuses are found at the following casinos:

Aladdin's Gold Casino takes pride in giving away up to $900,000 on various card games and slots. In fact, when a new player signs up at Aladdin's, he will be entitled to a hundred percent matching slots bonus for his first slot game of slot. This bonus is limited to $500. This is not all. 

The slot bonuses do not end here. When the player makes a second and third deposit, he is entitled to a 75 percent and 50 percent matching bonus of up to $200 respectively; and for every deposit of $250, the player get a whopping $750 in slots bonus. This is incentive enough to join Aladdin's Gold Casino.

Another casino that is popular for its slots bonus is Casino Del Rio. The casino not only offers progressive jackpots, players also get matching slots bonus limited to $100 on their first deposit. In case the player decides to deposit money into his account using online payment processors NETeller or MoneyBookers, the he will be entitled to a 200 percent bonus on an initial deposit of $100. In addition, for the next 10 months, a player gets 50 percent of slots bonus limited to $50 on his first deposit of the month.

Cleopatra's Palace Casino is known for its 3-reel and 5-reel slots machines and video slots. In addition, the casino also has progressive jackpots which can go to a whopping $5 million! Just like most other casinos listed on SlotsProphe, even Cleopatra's Palace Casino offers a 100 percent matching bonus limited to $400 on the first deposit. On the second deposit, a player is entitled to a 100 percent bonus limited to $488.

Golden Palace Casino is also well-known for its 3-reel and 5-reel slots machines besides its regular jackpots and progressive jackpots. A new player can get a slots bonus of up to $300 on his first three deposits. In addition, Golden Palace Casino also has a referral program in place where you can get a 20 percent slots bonus of up to $100 on each of your referral making an initial deposit to play slots.