Let's travel from Glasgow to London when we have a holiday. London is the capital of the United Kingdom and one of the most popular cities in the world. London is a city of countless historic sites, art galleries, sporting attractions, world-class restaurants and eateries, haute couture stores and cultural events.

There are three ways to travel from Glasgow to London: plane, train, bus, and self-driving. How would you choose to travel? If it were me, I would want to choose to fly(glasgow to london flights) because it takes the least amount of time.Of course, you can also take the slightly slower train to Glasgow than the plane.

London is a city rich in history and a world-leading innovation city, the capital of the world. London is a traveller’s delight. Catering to a wide range of tastes,There is something for everyone here.

In London, you can take a double-decker bus across the city and then stroll around the West End. This will be a particularly interesting experience.When you come to London, the place to check in must be the London Eye. It’s across the street from Parliament.It is a 500-foot tall ferris wheel. Sitting on it will give you great views of London and the city's most iconic buildings. Then there are several classic London tourist attractions you must visit, including Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Palace of Westminster and Tower Bridge. London is notoriously foggy and rainy, but it doesn't make you feel cold. The city is full of fun, lively vibes, so you won't be disappointed when you come here.

The best time to visit London is from March to May, when the scenery is at its best. and have the right temperature.

Recommended tourist attractions:

1.  Buckingham Palace

It is a London royal residence and the administrative headquarters of the monarch of the United Kingdom.Located in the City of Westminster, the palace is often at the centre of state occasions and royal hospitality. It has been a focal point for the British people at times of national rejoicing and mourning.

2.  Westminster Abbey

It is formally titled the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter at Westminster, is a large, mainly Gothic abbey church in the City of Westminster, London, England, just to the west of the Palace of Westminster. It is one of the United Kingdom's most notable religious buildings and the traditional place of coronation and a burial site for English and, later, British monarchs.

3.  Tower Bridge

It is one of London's iconic landmark structures. It is a bascule and suspension bridge that crosses the mighty Thames. It is also a drawbridge. The two bascules can lift to an angle of 86 degrees to let river traffic to pass. On a visit to the The London Tower Bridge, you can stand with the Thames at your back for an unforgettable photo, or you can slowly stroll along the bridge's high-level pedestrian walkways while gazing out at the scenery on either bank of the river.