Intelligent industrial control 7 inch display module, directly support color touch screen operation, more with analog input, serial port RS, support audio and video encoding and decoding, can directly build a small control system or as a security, industrial control related operating terminal.


Main features of 7-inch display module:


The TFT LCD monitor can display a variety of different information, including data, text, curves, ICONS, animated images, or videos.

You can choose from low resolution (800*480)/ high resolution (1024*600), low brightness (400 NITS)/ high brightness (1000 NITS) versions, 7-inch resistive touch / 7-inch capacitive touch / 7-inch non-touch version.

STONE HMI 7 LCD touch screen display embedded CORTEX M4 CPU, LCD driver, flash memory, RS232/RS485/TTL interface.You can use our STONE TOOLBox to create your own interface with any JPG file, download all the interfaces in display, and use the MCU and UART interfaces to control it by sending commands.



  1. Display module openness


This is a crucial index in modern control system and engineering design,RS232, RS485,TTL serial interface screen.Openness is conducive to the interconnection and compatibility of various systems. It is conducive to the formation and implementation of industrial ideas integrating design, establishment and application.In order to make the system have good stability, choose professional architecture, industrial software and software environment.



  1. Real-time performance of STONE display module


One of the main characteristics of industrial production process is the real time, so the industrial control software system should have a strong real time accordingly.



  1. Integrated STONE display modules


This is the trend of industrial process control and management development.



  1. STONE HMI is more user-friendly


This not only refers to the ease of operation brought by the menu drive, should include the design and application of two aspects of the human-machine interface.



  1. STONE7 inch display module multi-tasking and multi-threading


Many modern control software are no longer faced with a single task line, but more complex multi-task system, so how to effectively control and manage such a system is still the main research object of industrial control software.To accommodate this demand, we must have this property, particularly in the bottom industrial control software, through research and application of multitasking real-time operating systems.

stone lcd parameters:

The STONE 7-inch LCD screen module has UART serial interface, which can be controlled by any single chip computer through simple and powerful instruction set, such as 8051 series, AVR series, MSP430 series, STM32 series, MC9S12, Arduino series, etc.

Each STONE 7-inch LCD screen module has a wide range of applications, such as automatic system control, vending machine functions, smart lockers, electrical equipment (refueling machines, electric car chargers), elevators, smart homes and offices, precision instruments, and more.

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