The shoe lifts are designed in a way, so as to treat the leg length discrepancies in both adults and children. These lifts are able to change the life of the patient by reducing the pain in the knees, hip and/or back. It also improves the gait of an individual and helps them to maintain a better posture.

If the leg length discrepancy is of 2 cm or less, it is not a functional problem. But if this problem becomes uncomfortable or causes a lot of pain, surgeons in most cases recommend a shoe lift s an alternative to a surgery. The shoe lifts can help in equalizing the leg lengths and they are quite a common non-surgical treatment for a leg length discrepancy. The lift, in many cases is able to bring down the level of discrepancy and make it a little comfortable. Opting for a Leg Length Discrepancy Lifts is a good option.

Medical risks associated with a shoe lift

There are no medical risks associated with a shoe lift, but it can be an expensive treatment option.  Every pair of shoes that you wear should have a lift of 1 cm or ½ inches lift. This kind of lift can also be switched from one shoe to another and it will not be visible to anyone. If the lift is greater than 1 cm, then they are attached underneath the shoes and these lifts get permanently attached to the shoes. There are times when you need customized shoes.

If you want to manage the issue of leg discrepancy, you can use these lifts forever. Some patients are not happy about having to use these lifts continuously for a long period of time. Moreover, if you are not wearing shoes, then the shoe lift discrepancy does not get treated. If you have a leg length discrepancy for more than 2 cm, then the shoe lift is not always an ideal solution. This is because it often limits the type of shoes you can wear. It also causes instability at certain times. For people who have a major leg length discrepancy, they can opt for a foot-in-foot prosthesis that can be used as a temporary measure. But most of the times prosthesis is bulky and often causes balance issues. There are good shoe lifts for kids available as well.

When you are buying shoe lifts, it is important that you get them from a reputed store. There are many benefits of buying shoe lifts from a reputed store and to know about these advantages better, you can go through the discussion before:

  1. The product will be a beautiful one:

You will get lifts that are pleasant to the eye. Most of the reputed companies try to manufacture shoes whose presentation blends in to the eyes that are not trained.

  1. The delivery process is fast

Once you place the order, you can expect to get the delivery within 5 to 7 business days and you can be rest assured that you will be fully satisfied with it.

These companies ensure that wearing these shoe lifts are a lot of fun and you are completely happy while you shop with them.

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