Elite Auto Gear is the home of Elite Audio and Elite Safety. That being said, here you can find both car audio and safety products. Simply visit the website and you will come across the best-known car audio accessory brands in the world which stand out due to their longevity and performance. Unlike many other brands available in the market, Elite Audio and Elite Safety do not take any manufacturing shortcuts when producing their products. This company understands that making a second impression is just impossible, so that is why they aim to deliver only the highest quality products. This team takes its inspiration from other successful brands that come before them. This helps them offer the same, if not better, quality products at a better price.

Elite Auto Gear is a top destination where all car audio fanatics will find what they need. So now browse the collection available online and order whatever you want. Elite Audio offers you top-notch RCA cables, amp kits, wiring spools, etc. While with Elite Safety, you can get high-quality tier car cameras and other safety equipment. You can now visit Elite Audio and find many types of amp kits online. There are various popular choices like:

  • Copper
  • Aluminum

In general, amp kits are made from Oxygen-Free Copper and Copper-Clad Aluminum. So no matter you want to order CCA amp kit or an OFC amp kit, just trust Elite Audio and order it online.

If you are searching for a top-notch quality 8 gauge amp kit you can again count on Elite Auto today and order it online. This is a great product for those who do not look for something very loud but just a small kick from their car audio system. Elite Auto Gears offers 3 different types of 8 gauge amp kit.

  • The first one is Pro Series where everything is 100% OFC copper that comes with an amazing sound quality.
  • Premium Series is the second type that comes with the same amount of power. However, note that quality is not excellent.
  • Lastly Elite Auto also offers an Entry Level 8 gauge amp kit. This third type is for those who need a more affordable option.

Simply choose one of these options and order them online without any hassle. 

Once you visit the website of Elite Auto Gear, you will also enjoy your purchase of car audio packages. In fact, these packages are a great way to get a sound upgrade while saving a lot of money. These packages range from subwoofers and an amplifier to full-vehicle audio/video makeovers, so be sure you will find what you need. When these experts put car audio packages together and offer their customers, they keep their customers’ desires in mind. So, first of all, they ensure that the selection of products sound perfect together. The experts always go through their name-brand products to match head units, amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers for perfect sound balance. The next step these specialists make sure that the products are compatible with each other and your vehicle. And finally, Elite Auto Gear offers such car audio packages which help you save hundreds of dollars compared to buying those products separately! Order now and have a nice experience!