Slim and lightweight, the KeySmart Nano Torch XL LED flashlight easily fits into any pocket. Powered by two (included) AAA batteries, it pumps out a 120-lumen beam for up to 2 hours. Depending on the task at hand, you can adjust the sliding barrel around the head from a wide spill to a narrow spotlight. In the name of durability, the torch is made with a machined aluminum body that’s both splashproof and impact resistant. Clip this compact light to a shirt or pants pocket, and get it in your choice of black or silver. Get more news about Keysmart Torch,you can vist our website!

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KeySmart™ Nano Torch XL Compact Pen Light comes with a sliding barrel head that enables you to adjust the focus from a wide spill to a narrow spotlight. Its ergonomic design is made for one-handed use. The stainless steel pocket clip lets you attach the penlight to your pocket or bag for quick and easy access. The firm power button with a satisfying click makes it easy to activate without accidentally turning it on. It has a 3.28ft impact resistance that protects from minor falls. The LED light carries 120 lumens, producing a better-quality brightness.
Sliding Barrel Head. Adjust the focus from wide spill to narrow spotlight
Ergonomic Design. Made for one-hand use
Stainless Steel Pocket Clip. Attack to your pocket or bag for easy access
Firm Power Button. Activate the pen light without accidentally turning it on
3.28Ft Impact Resistance. Protecs the pen light from minor falls
120 Lumens LED Light. Provides better quality brightness