As a parent, it’s no doubt that it can be difficult when your child starts to struggle with their schooling. Whether it be with math, science, or even physical education, it’s hard to not feel helpless when your child comes in with a frown on their face and refuses to go back to school the next day. 

Although it may seem like finding help is a huge task, there are so many options for finding the right online math tutor for your family! Before starting your research, however, ask yourself what kind of help your child needs, and the best way to provide it for them. Do they work best alone? Do they work best in a bigger group? Is it possible for them to work online? Listed below is how to know if your child needs an online math tutor: 

1. They have a bad attitude: A child that comes home with a bad attitude towards math (or school in general!) is a big sign that they are struggling with one, or more of their courses. Additionally, your child may have a bad attitude towards other school-related topics that wouldn’t normally cause them any stress, such as social time or time with friends at lunch. 

2. They are struggling with other subjects: A sign of a child struggling with math can often be seen within their other subjects! Negative attitudes towards school or a specific subject can permeate other aspects of their learning. 

3. They have developed math anxiety: Math anxiety occurs when a child can be either anxious or demonstrate avoidant behavior with math or numbers. Symptoms of a child struggling with math anxiety can be: 

a. Clammy hands 
b. Avoidance of numbers or basic math at all 
c. Nervousness
d. Palpitations 

Math anxiety can cause a lot of issues with math instruction or material retention, and is a big sign that your child needs to seek math help

Once you’ve decided whether or not your child needs a math tutor and the kind of math tutor they would benefit from, it’s time to start your research! One of the best ways to begin research is online - checking out websites and search results is a good way to narrow it down. Google reviews can also be a great way to narrow it down, as parents often leave honest reviews and feedback. Parenting forums can provide options for online math tutor results. 

Alternatively, when looking for an online math tutor, asking friends and family can yield some great results! There’s no doubt that your kid’s peers have faced math struggles before, and asking other parents can provide you with honest and personalized recommendations. Lastly, asking your child’s teacher or a local school/community centre for recommendations can be beneficial. Not only does your child’s teacher know great tutoring options, but they also know how your child learns, and the best way to help them!