That is correct. This is the reason why I want archetypes eliminated because everyone only makes the broken and nba 2k21 mt coins simple to abuse assembles. If everyone had the same build it'd just be who is better on the sticks. But it's the exact same thing with no variety. Everyone is the specific same, no one would ever pick a big because everyone can rally and dip, the whole reason for archetype builds is that you've got variety, strengths and weaknesses.

You wish to be a pure lockdown? You can't really score that far. Hybrid builds (2-way slashing playmaker that a ) are great yes but they also aren't super always very good whatsoever, because their characteristics are so spread out. If everyone ran exactly the exact same thing it would be pointless to pick anything but a PG. Because they'd be better at rebounding, inside scoring, and inside protection people would large bigs. Lockdown protection, all connections and 90 + driving dunk fuck with 99 speed and vert and 90+ chunk controller. Offensive threat is defensively ordinary but great at EVERYTHING on offense.

And exactly what do you mean pure locks can not score? Mine can shoot out lights in the corner, has all touch dunks, expert dribble moves, and on top of the best defense out of any construct. Everyone DOES run the thing. Playlocks or rebounding and playlock wing. Or the occasional playshot and big, which is more infrequent. And in 2K20 it kind of is pointless to be anything but a protector, why would I make a slow centre if my lockdown can guard centers AND guards, while being better in everything. No archetypes would not make centers worse. Make bigs inside and stonger having the ability.

Play stage for a day against two way slashing playmakers who shoot lights out in the cover of the major, have HOF clamps and intimidator, use allen iverson size upward, can easily get by you every time using a hopstep, also have 99 rate and vert. You are at a disadvantage if you aren't one. You might be even a large, a wing, or even a protector. Each position needed 3 archetypes to select from, and every archetype had two specializations (a defensive wing could go the Kawhi path or the Pippen route, for example). You could cater each construct even further for your playstyle with badges, however all builds were viable due to the smaller number of them. You couldn't make a mistake if you tried. And if you did, it was super easy to level up a new one.

So not as much sweat because game.I played that game and it did a fairly good job on builds, but there was a meta. Everyone just used Vinsanity construct or sometimes Kawhi or the KD build. And I don't know why people complain about"sweats" any decent sized sport will have a competitive neighborhood. In most other games, sweats beat you by really, really frustratingly good with the exact same thing you play as, or can play if you wanted to. In 2K, the sweats beat you by actually, really frustratingly good with builds which have more capabilities than the build you have. They bring McLarens into buy Nba 2k21 Mt races that are mini-van, basically.