The consumption of alcohol is not considered to be normal, as the body undergoes several changes internally which hence, cause and effect of the external body of ours. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai and the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, carefully mentions the various gradual changes which the human body undergoes, when the consumption of alcohol merely takes place. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India also adds that some of the physical signs may not be visible in some human beings, as they merely get into the habit of drinking where the after effects are nothing or habitual to them. The list of effects is as follows:

  • One sip of alcohol instantly races up to the brain, where the alcoholic chemicals mainly slows down the working of the brain because of the chemical rush which is caused within the brain cells which are mainly used in sending the message ahead. This change thus alters the mood and also showcases reflexes whereas throwing away the balance of one, where one may not think straight and also won’t be able to recall anything later as the struggle mainly causes long-term memory loss too.
  • Shrinking of the brain size, as when one drink heavily for a long period of time, the effect of the booze thus starts affecting the size of your brain, where the cells thus start to change and thus tends to get smaller in size, as too much intake of alcohol thus shrink the brain size where the larger ability of one to learn then think and further remember things can be extremely difficult, whereas steady body temperature is also hard to maintain, whereas controlling of the movements are also at a harsh content.
  • The process of sleeping can occur at all times, as one always feels drowsy in nature with a tendency to drowse off easily and very quickly, where the process of the body may extend through the night. However when the feeling is weared off thus turning and tossing the night around, the REM sleep structure of our body needs to feel restored as the occurrence of nightmares and hallucinations can also be in the occurrence, where one may wake up to sleep walking trips too.
  • As alcohol is an inflammable source, the booze intake has the capacity to irritate the inner lining of the stomach which can also make the digestive juices flow causing sincere upside down. Therefore, when enough no. of acid is built, one may feel the occurrence of vomiting and thus throw up, which can also result in painful sores in the stomach at times which are known as ulcers. The individual thus loses their appetite and does not feel hunger at all. This is one of the reasons that long-term drinkers do not get any nutrients as they do not eat anything.

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