Staten Island's name is derived from the Dutch “Staaten Eylandt” which honors the Dutch Parliament. When Newyork city was divided into countries in 1693. The island was dubbed the borough of Richmond which remains interchangeable for quite a few times and in 1975 New York officially renamed it Staten Island.

There are numerous reasons to choose Staten Island as it has much to offer from outdoor attractions to exciting activities. The island is the home to several different inhabited islands which makes it a more attractive place to live.

We have made a list of reasons for choosing Westerleigh Staten Island Homes For Sale

Higher Income, Better Lifestyle

Living in Staten Island allows you to retain a high income and live a quality life as the expenses are less and prices are quite nominal than other parts of the city. Staten Island ensures you lead a better quality of life with proper financial freedom in New York which means one can explore different things without digging a hole in their pocket.

Ferry to reach easily different places

The ferry is one of the easy and relaxing freeways to cover the distance with remarkable sights to reach Manhattan, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, and much more. The ferry is the easy and best transportation to and from Manhattan which you can enjoy by grabbing some refreshments while covering the scenic route of stunning Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines.

Unique Attractions

Staten Island has major attractions backed up by unique history showcasing multi-cultural roots and its origin from Dutch to British which leads to the development of the future and also opens the door for innovation. The island is full of rich history one can spend hours sitting and dwelling on the history that takes one to another level.

Beautiful Quaint Homes

One of the major reasons for buying a home is the residential area looks picturesque as it has seen huge developments from creation, aesthetics, to building breathtaking modern-day complex facilities that take your breath away. There is an assortment of beautiful House For Sale in Staten Island 10314 that instantly makes you feel you’re living in New York and Manhattan.

Near-by Amenities

Staten Island has a series of amenities nearby which makes living quite convenient and affordable. There are plenty of options available for goods and services such as outlets, malls, and other things that make everyday living fun and easy access to everyday amenities ease the living.

The borough is a wonderful place to find people of all ages, races, cultures, classes to enjoy and reach the place where you want. It allows you to have a better standard of living, income, environment, excellent tourism, and the list goes on. Tourism makes you intrigued and it also pays homage to the past and their culture. Owning a home in Staten Island today can change your entire future. Also, it’s easier to settle there without the hustle-bustle of city life.