Important factors to consider when buying a bed frame

 Sizing and height

One of the most important factors to consider when looking for a new bed frame is its dimensions. Unfortunately, these measurements will vary from one online retailer to another, so it's important to compare your options and make sure you choose a bed frame that is both the right size for you and will be low enough for you to get into and out of without any issues.

Easy Assembly

Bed frames are never easy to assemble, so if you can find a base that doesn't require any tools to put together (that's what we call "easy"), then you should consider getting that. Also, if the bed frame will have hundreds of screws, then maybe it's time to reconsider your options and look at something more easily assembled.


Trial and return policy 

Many reputable brands offer bed frame trials from thirty to one hundred and twenty days, allowing you to sleep on your new bed frame in the comfort of your own home for a realistic test period. However, many retailers have conditions or charge for returns, so it's important to read their policy before purchasing.

Squeak-free construction

If you've ever owned a bed base that is squeaking, then you know how disruptive it can be when trying to sleep at night. One way to stop this from happening again is by fitting the bed frame with protective floor protectors purchased from a hardware store. Also, if your bed base will be used on wooden floors, it's best to fit the legs with rubber or felt floor protectors, as these are designed to help keep the bed frame secure while also preventing scratches on wooden floors!

Sustainability and health certifications

When choosing a frame for your new bed, custom made to fit all of your requirements and preferences, what's most important is the base. ​If it were you, you'd probably want to know that it's environmentally friendly and made only from the best quality materials by people who take pride in their work. With such a huge investment as your new frame, this is precisely how we feel about our platform - so naturally, it goes without saying that we would never be willing to compromise on the essential components that make up the foundation of any great venture!


If you have a stylish bed frame, you might as well get some rest to go along with it! If you're in the market for a comfortable new mattress and are looking for the best of both worlds (your very own piece of furniture AND top-notch sleep), a platform bed frame provides an excellent foundation. The best platform frames not only look beautiful but also elevate your mattress, which helps add extra comfort and aesthetic value to your bedroom.

Types of bed frames 

Slatted frames

Slats offer great airflow, but make sure they're no wider than eight centimeters apart. Slatted frames are great for hot and humid climates because they help maintain your body temperature while you sleep. They also let the mattress breathe, which is important in less humid climates. Heavy solid bed frames can be difficult to take apart and transfer, so slats make a lighter alternative.

The two most common slatted bases are flexi and flat slats, but they're quite different. They both have their specific functions.

Flexi slats

One of the best aspects of flexi slats is adjusting to your sleeping position and movements. This makes them an ideal choice for those who like to sleep on their stomach or back. However, this kind of bed frame may be less necessary for those who sleep on their side because you have to rest on the slats. After all, these slats have a bit of "give" in them which can cause spring mattresses to sag over time.

Flexible slats may be a cheap solution, but they lack the long-term durability that a grand wood solution would have.

Flat Slats

Your customer needs a new bed. They want it to be supportive, stable, and reliable. You offer the perfect solution with a flat slat bed. This bed is great for any mattress, will not damage the mattress, and keeps them comfortable and supported throughout the night.



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