The Council Right to Buy Scheme allows council tenants to purchase their homes at a discount, based on how many years they have lived there. The process involves taking independent financial and legal advice. Before purchasing any property, it is best to always get advice from reliable sources. Buying a house is one of the biggest financial decisions a person makes in their life, so ensuring that it is done correctly is essential.

Applicants can cancel their applications at any time. There is a small fee for solicitors and mortgage providers. They will also have to repay any fees for surveyors and valuations. If the deadlines for the Council Right to Buy application are missed, the application will be cancelled by the council. As a landlord, one must meet the deadlines of the scheme to avoid the possibility of losing the property altogether. However, this is the last resort.

Anyone who has been a secure tenant and has lived on the property for twelve months or more can apply to buy the property with Council Right To Buy. A very small fee is charged for this application. And the applicant can cancel their application at any time as needed. If a property has been purchased under this scheme, it can be sold at the same lower price at which it was bought in the first place.

Other than the tenant, any family member who has been living in the same property can apply to buy it too. In some cases, a family member can provide the funds for the purchase. The criterion to be met are that the buyer should be a secure tenant, no parts of the household should be shared, the buyer should have been a council housing tenant for at least three years overall. The payment for the cost of the evaluation is incumbent upon the buyer. When neglecting to pay this amount, the council has every right to cancel the application.

In most cases, the maximum discount for a council property is PS84,200. An eligible person can buy the property for much less than its market value using various discounts. But when applying for Council Right To Buy, it is best to take into account the extra fees and payments that will occur before deciding so that one can be sure that they are fit to afford the property.

The Council Right to Buy scheme is a government scheme that allows eligible tenants to buy their council property for a discounted price. The price of the property can't be lower than the market value, but the equity in the property can be used as a deposit. The government's main purpose is to provide low-income households with the opportunity to purchase a home. By implementing the Right to Buy scheme, the poorest people in the neighbourhood can also finally own the homes they live in.