If some newlyweds hold a themed wedding, they will usually dress the bridesmaids in the same way. This type of wedding can generally be dressed in formal or casual clothes. Everything can be matched with their own clothes according to the requirements of the new couple. It's totally fine! Here are 18 themed bridesmaid dresses, check them out!

Classic sober: White Short Bridesmaid Dresses

Weddings are generally more solemn and more ceremonial. When choosing a dress, try to consider a neat little white dress or a light-colored wrap dress with a slim fit, which will show your figure and not be too exaggerated. The white long skirt is very simple and elegant, suitable for girls who like classical beauty. You can choose white high-heeled shoes for shoes. The whole is very simple. White skirts of this color are not suitable for matching jewelry of other colors, or fashion items will change color, and bags are also White can be chosen.

Stand out brightly: Azalea-Colored Bridesmaid Dresses

If you like bright-colored clothing, and feel that you can’t be too plain when attending a wedding, and at the same time, you also hope that you can be noticed at the wedding, then you can choose the color of azalea, which is very outstanding. And bright color impact. If you want to wear red clothes and don't want to be too eye-catching at the wedding, you can choose azaleas.

Upscale vibe: Dusty Rose Bridesmaid Dresses

The dress is designed with satin, which can not only avoid the tacky feeling of the street but also improve the grade, especially the rose-colored satin bridesmaid dress, simple and atmospheric, very suitable for participating in the wedding of girlfriends, such dress and those stereotyped Unlike the princess tutu skirt, it will look soft and feminine.

Elegant and Noble: Tangerine Bridesmaid Dresses

If you are a girl who likes fashionable outfits, and you don’t like to be too restrictive about your outfits, you can wear tangerine bridesmaid dresses. The bright colors represent joy, which is very suitable for weddings. Tangerine is a very white and fashionable color, elegant and noble! The matching of bridesmaid dresses can make your temperature and demeanor coexist, and the contrasting styles allow you to be a little fairy in winter.

Simple and Stylish: Slate Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Some girls are taller and go to a wedding. Some ordinary simple styles are obviously not suitable for them. If they have a good figure, they must show their advantages. The slate blue bridesmaid dress is very fashionable with a simple pair of shoes. If it is paired with lace-up high-heeled shoes, it will show off your slim figure. On wedding occasions, it will neither steal the limelight nor lose face, which is very suitable.

Elegance and Charm: Steel Grey Bridesmaid Dresses

Paired with a steel gray bridesmaid dress, it is a long dress that can show off your slender figure well. Neutralize the bride's white wedding dress, not too much to steal the limelight, so that you can control it with ease. The off-the-shoulder design can dress up the girl like an elegant and charming princess, and the beautiful necklace or delicately embellished on the chest will have a good effect!

Elegant and dignified: Tahitian bridesmaid dresses

With the changes of the times, many people attending wedding banquets do not like too grand dresses, but prefer fashionable dresses. But be aware that trends are not so-called quirky clothes. Exquisite short or long Tahitian dresses are good choices. If you want to make mistakes, try to choose classic styles. You can choose a good-looking Tahitian dress, off the shoulders, very feminine.

Taste and Temperament: Regency Bridesmaid Dress

You can’t go wrong with this kind of dark color, whether it’s a noble purple series, it’s all right, these colors are not very outstanding, but they look very bright, warm and very elegant, not only showing that you are very tasteful And temperament, it will not take away the brilliance of the bride, and it will not trigger some bad luck in the wedding.