There are many people who make their bed as soon as they get up in the morning and follow up the cleaning schedule to keep their house neat and clean. Also, there are many who find it really difficult to clear the mess and clean the house. It is tough for a few people to follow the cleaning schedule. If you are one of those persons who doesn’t have any cleaning schedule and strategy to follow then you can follow the following schedule and stick to it.

There’s no need to clean everything you have every day. Of course, there are some important things that needs to be cleaned every day, but there are also the things which you can clean once in a week or once in a month. Let’s see them one by one that you need to clean every day, every week and every month.

Things You Should Clean Every Day

Here is the list of the household items you shouldn’t let go uncleaned even for a single day: -

  • Kitchen towel
  • Sink
  • Dirty dishes
  • Bathroom tiles
  • Kitchen sponge
  • Cutting boards and knife
  • Dirty clothes
  • Clear the clutter and wash garbage cans

Things You Should Clean Every Week

Now, as you know what things you should be cleaning every day there are a few items that requires less frequent care. Here are the list of the items that you can clean once in week: -

  • Dust furniture, shelves and air registers, clean mirrors.
  • Vacuum rugs and floor
  • Wash your bathroom basin, fixtures and floor
  • Clean the small appliances
  • Clean and mop the kitchen floor
  • Bathtub and shower
  • Clean your toilet

Things You Should Clean Every Month

There are a few things that should be cleaned at least once in a month to keep your house neat and clean. Let’s know what things you should include in your monthly cleaning to-do-list: -

  • Dust ceiling fans, exhaust fans and air vents
  • Clean the walls
  • Baseboards and blinds
  • Washing machine
  • Ceiling lights and fixtures
  • Deep clean appliances

So, we have discussed the things that you should clean daily, weekly and monthly. Also, it is important to get your home deep cleaned or sanitized once in a year for sure. No matter how good you are at cleaning, it is obvious to miss out some goods to clean. So, you need to call the home cleaning professionals, who can help you to deep clean, sanitize or disinfect your house as per your demand.

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