Have you been experiencing symptoms of balding lately? Has your hair started thinning or do you see small patches of hair on your pillow when you wake up? It would be embarrassing for you to walk out in the public with a scalp which doesn’t have much hair on it. But this problem of Male Pattern Baldness can be cured effectively with medications such as Minoxidil. Minoxidil is an approved cure for the safe treatment of baldness in men, which is also known as Androgenic Alopecia. You may experience a receding hairline or your hair might slowly disappear from the front scalp or the crown of your head. Men with this condition mostly face symptoms of baldness during their early 20s. But with Minoxidil to the rescue, you can save yourself from the clutches of baldness. This medicine comes both in the form of a topical solution and in the form of tablets. So, you can either apply the topical solution on your scalp directly or take the tablets orally. 


How does Minoxidil Help to Ease the Symptoms of Baldness


Minoxidil came out as an antihypertensive drug initially which later on turned into a hair loss medication. In the early 1960s, several trials were being conducted on patients to treat the problem of Blood Pressure. After taking this medication, the patients started turning hairy. The researchers dismissed it as a harmless side-effect of the drug and the medication for the treatment of hair loss was thus found. Minoxidil is used to increase the blood flow to the area which it is applied. When the topical solution is directly applied to the scalp, the blood flow to the scalp region is increased. And so, if you take oral tablets to treat your problem of baldness, the medicine can help you to boost hair health by providing all the nutrients needed for hair growth. The problem of baldness has been linked to genetics and the severity of the problem depends upon the genes you inherit. The process of baldness is a gradual one. Your hair follicles tend to get weakened with time, and the hair falls off eventually. And because these hair follicles are weak, when they shed themselves, no new hairs grow back in their original place. To counter this situation, medications such as Minoxidil can definitely help you out. If your condition is severe, your doctor may prescribe you a strong dose of Minoxidil. The balding process is usually slow and it can take around 15-20 years for the person to go fully bald. If you take medications on time without missing a dose, you can definitely get your hair back within a few months.

Following a proper dosage is essential and an overdose can lead to various side-effects. So, follow your doctor’s prescription carefully.


What do the Doctors Recommend?

Doctors recommend taking a single tablet of Minoxidil in one day. You should follow the same dose daily to achieve positive results of the medication. An overdose can lead to side-effects such as nausea, drowsiness, lightheadedness, and chest pain. Therefore, you should avoid exceeding the recommended dosage to avoid any harmful effects of the drug. If you experience hair fall which looks more than normal at the beginning of the course of medication, don’t feel stressed or worried about your situation. Hair fall which is more than normal can occur at the beginning as the weak hair follicles tend to shed off their hair and to provide strength to these hair follicles, new hairs grow back after some time. It can take around 4-6 months for you to experience the positive results of this medication. Make sure you do not miss a dose and keep taking the medication daily. If you miss a dose, hair loss will occur again. 

To achieve better results of the drug, you can opt-in for medications such as Finpecia 1 mg(commonly known as Finasteride). Finpecia helps to ease the symptoms of baldness by preventing the conversion of the male sex hormone Testosterone into DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). DHT makes the hair follicles shrink by binding to their receptors, ultimately leading to hair loss. This is the reason why men with high levels of testosterone have a hairy body.


Medications can certainly help you to fight baldness but it is also your duty to take care of your health properly. Indulge in a healthy, stress-free routine and walk with your head held high.