Of all the reasons that one may give as to why they love to travel, one of the topmost reasons is so that they can meet new people and make new friends. No matter how much one would want to deny, man is a social being and some of the greatest lessons and experiences they get by meeting and interacting with new people. And, thus in order to enrich their learnings and explore new destinations, most people travel.


There happen to be those instances when one needs a change from all the people they normally see and along with that, they want a complete change of the surroundings as well. After spending days after days interacting with the same people and spending time in the same corporate life, when one seeks adventure, thrill, and a chance to reconnect with themselves they choose to travel.


It is quite often that we come across a lot of travellers who believe that it is not the end destination that matters, but the experiences you get that matter. All those who set out on journeys with the drop of their hats are people who are open to welcoming new people in their life. If you are ever wondering what are the common factors that help two unknown travellers’ bond, it is their thrill and passion for travelling.


The biggest excitement that most people get by making friends on these insightful journeys is that the question of time and distance will not affect them. They are already comfortable with the fact that the present time is all they have, post which they will each be back on their separate ways. This is why during these short escapades; people live each and every moment to their fullest without giving way to any petty thoughts.


Over the years as you travel to new places you might even come to realize that the friends you find on these adventurous journeys become friendships that are more long-lasting than the everyday ones. Having said that, there is no harm in travelling with your BFFs too. Come to think of it, if you have found your ideal travel mate who has the same likes and ways of planning a trip, then you have definitely hit the jackpot. Breaking free from the clutter and the desire to be around new people becomes all the more necessary because people wish to be surrounded by people who don’t know their past. Most of the travel buddies you make on your holiday are people who know you from the present and have no preconceived notions about you or your past.


The one common factor that you and your travel buddy relate to is the keenness for adventure. Travelling the most mysterious tracks, staying at makeshift lodges, and carving an adventure pad that no one else will enjoy. These are some of the comforts you get from people who you meet on your journeys. The thirst to try out new adventure sports or go to the most offbeat tourist destinations is another reason why most travellers find some of the best friendships as they travel.


It is clear to understand that for most travellers their journey is not measured in kilometres but can be measured by the number of friends that they make.


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