Holland Walker (00:05 – 00:48)

Hi everyone. Welcome back to another episode of How to Who: The Secret of Success. Today, Giri is interviewing our guest actually in India, and his name is Anand Muttalli. And Anand is a managing partner for ATV Legal, which is a leading law firm in Bangalore, India. He graduated with a Master of Business Law from the National Law School of India University. Before co-founding ATB Legal, Anand worked at ALMT Legal and he’s worked with numerous reputed senior counsels on several cases. He’s represented some of India’s largest corporate houses. He’s appeared before various courts and tribunals in India, including the Karnataka High Court and the Supreme Court of India.

Giri Devanur (00:48 – 02:02)

Hi Anand. It’s a great feeling. I am meeting you after 30 months, thanks to Covid. A lot of changes in the way we work. Welcome to this episode of How to Who the Secret of Success. Let me give you a quick background in why we started this podcast. The managers, the leaders of companies, start-ups etc from around the world. We all make this mistake of subconsciously thinking that we are the right people, I am the right person to handle either an opportunity or a challenge. Instead of that, if we can bring in the right expert to handle it for example, if I had a legal issue, but then I should be talking to you. Instead of that if I try to solve it for myself, it doesn’t work.

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