If your washing machine is not spinning, it is most likely time for a repair. Non-professionals may tell you to remove the load and give the machine another spin. This will only place more stress on the worn-out parts and the bearings. To avoid this, contact a professional repair person to help you fix the problem. A qualified washer repairperson will be able to identify what the problem is and then fix it. This simple repair is usually less than twenty dollars.

A do-it-yourself washer repair can be simple if you have patience and basic understanding of appliance mechanics. Here, we'll discuss the various problems that affect washing machines and how to make them run smoothly again. To save money, we'll discuss a few easy repairs for common issues. Read on to find out how to fix these problems in a hurry! Using the Repair Clinic is an excellent way to save money and learn a new skill.

One common problem that requires a washing machine repair is the coupling. A cracked or worn coupling can prevent the agitator from spinning. It can also cause the motor to turn on but the tub to not drain. A cracked coupling may also cause a loud noise. It's important to get your washing machine fixed as soon as possible. The cost of a repair may vary depending on the type of washing machine you have.