Buying a new house is one of the toughest decisions people have to make in their lives. Post pandemic the real estate market is seeing a great turn with families from middle income and high middle-income segments. As per the data collected by, families are more into 2BHK apartments. However, the question arises why people are more inclined towards purchasing 2BHK flats?

Benefits of Buying 2BHK Flats

1. Family Planning

We, as Indians, have this tendency of staying close to our family. One day or the another, there will be someone coming over from the family as a guest. Moreover, any person willing to get married will look for a bigger space that could be enough to comfortable accommodate new his/her new partner. The decision of purchasing a house is taken at a very early stage of life after going through every aspect, one of them being the budget. At first, 1BHK might seem like a great option, however, in the long run the space might seem to be running out and the whole place would look more cramped. That’s why a 2BHK flat becomes an easy choice for the people. Well, when we are talking about 2BHK flats, we simply can’t ignore the best housing society in Ghaziabad – Suncity Royal Castle. They offer both 2BHK and 3BHK apartments. However, the 2BHK comes with an attached study room. 

2. Cost Analysis

The real estate market isn’t immune to the ups and downs of the economy. Almost every day, property prices change. Indeed, a 1BHK flat is cheaper than a 2BHK flat, but for a growing family, it won’t seem like a feasible choice. Also, people who are not looking for to change their location anytime soon will benefit greatly from a 2BHK flat. So, if you are looking for the best and affordable 2BHK flat in Ghaziabad, you can choose Suncity Royal Castle. The place comes with great facilities and amenities that will make your living comfortable and peaceful.