Temporary staffing is a perfect way to pursue a new job, transfer a profession or work flexibly. Many people think that their chances of getting a job based on their past experiences with temporary staffing agencies are very slim, but there are ways to increase these chances. Here are three ways to get hired as an event assistant in Singapore:

1) Ensure that you stay optimistic and professional. Ensure your resumes and/or CVs are clean and succinct, displaying your most relevant experiences first. Do create a professional sounding email address too, if you do not already have one. If the recruiter asks why you left your last job, give your explanation without any negative feelings about your past employers.

2) Make sure that you stay busy, even though you're unemployed. When your recruiter asks you what you have done lately, do not simply state "finding a job".  The first thing a potential employer will ask is what you last did or work on. If you have not been working, spend some time volunteering or ask your employment agency for some freelance work to try out a variety of jobs; remember to put these in!

3) Don't just expect a job. A temporary staffing company cannot guarantee every applicant a role. They will best match the applicants to the roles available and send it over to the potential employers for the selection and interview processes. The recruiter from the agency will then get back to you within the next few weeks after you have applied; be sure that you maintain good contact and keep in touch with them!

There will be some employers who will want to retain workers after the contract has finished and convert them to a permanent role. So make sure you do well on the temporary positions that have been offered to you!

Currently, Part Time Recruitment Agency Singapore has seen man increased need to Hire temperature screeners in Singapore. These part time temperature screeners in Singapore are deployed to different areas such as shopping malls, service centres, and office buildings to help with safe-entry measures to combat the current COVID-19 pandemic.

At In D Grey, we not only ensure that the profiles of the temporary staffing matches the needs of the employers, but go the extra mile to understand them more on a deeper level, as different employers will have different needs and timelines. We strive and ensure that we recruit all part-timers on time so as not to affect the operations of  our clients. This way, our clients are able to utilize their energy and time doing other job tasks, while having a peace of mind that this work outsourced to us is done with the utmost integrity and expertise.