Let us be true 2K21 gonna be NBA 2K21 MT weak as 2K20 on PS5

The developers should certainly sit down for like 30 minutes and, idk, play the fucking game. Half of the games issues are readily observed using a few quickplay games. (I really do enjoy the updated archetypes base abilities tho.) I don't get the 13% field goal thing as well as also the gary payton defense. It is not too difficult. Literally. This is pretty much only MyCareer generally if you don't purchase VC.

Honestly, MyCareer is unplayable if you do not cover to improve your stats. However, you have maximum stats and badges in the demonstration. I'll be honest, employing the shot stick isn't as bad as I think folks are making it outside. Then again, it is really unusable for FT's. I actually find it much easier to work with on the FT. To add to that, I still have not figured out the way to do the side jump right into a shot using the stick alone. This can only be achieved with the button it seems. Unless I am doing something wrong.

What I am doing: Holding R2, heading right with my left handed rod, while still holding down R2 I flick the Right pole down, making him do this jump back/side, and attempt to continue to hold down Right stick to take with the target mechanic he never continuously shoots. He pauses after the hop. Employing the button all you've got to do is hold down R2, proceed together with the left stick hit square to perform the hop and then press and hold square to the shot.

Have thoughtful feedback? Reply here. I'll take care of this as 2K21 Feedback/Wishlist Twist 0. Just downloaded, I suppose they are only recycling comment from 2k20? Cause if I have to listen to the exact same stuff it's a legit deal breaker for me. I can't believe they left pogo stick and intimidator. These are the worst things to happen for this game. I also played with the all star Lakers team which was not Kobe. I know it's a presentation, so maybe the game will probably be more realistic and they'll have new commentary.

Why does a blue green sf have such shit stats. A pure yellow gets exactly the exact same 3 ball at the same height and the BG one can not even get contacts off tear. SFs are so bad in this sport even tho in the NBA they are good. Does anyone know if timing your shot with x and having no shot meter is going to be just like using the pro stick? Or will the ace stick having a buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins shooting advantage over timed without a meter?