Electric scooters have become the standard talk of the town as every other individual has either purchased one recently or is planning to buy one. The hype surrounding electric bikes and electric scooters in India is not only present in the media and on TV, but it is also frequent on social media. Today, a large number of EV manufacturers have set up their business in India, and many are enjoying the hype as it is helping the companies immensely to sell their EVs. 

Amo Mobility, an EV manufacturer based in Noida, has seen sales go up due to high consumer demand. One of the company's challenges was financing sources, which dried up sales, but the company eventually succeeded in forming partnerships with India's major financial organizations. If you want to acquire a low-cost, high-performance Electric Scooter from Amo Mobility, you can take advantage of the attractive financing options.

Amo partners with top financing companies for easy financing of electric bikes and electric scooters:

Amo Mobility has worked with leading financial institutions in India to provide easy financing for Electric Bikes and scooty as the demand for electric vehicles surges. This will benefit both the company and consumers who are on a budget when purchasing an e-scooter or e-bike. Let's take a look at the top Indian financial businesses with whom Amo has partnered.

  1. Bajaj Finserv: Bajaj Finserv auto finance is considered the top auto financing option in India. The company provides 100 percent financing on electric two-wheelers, making it easier for buyers who can't afford to put down a deposit. They require minimum documentation and processing time for your EV finance. Consumers who choose an EV two-wheeler loan from Bajaj Finserv benefit from the cheap monthly EMIs since they can choose the monthly EMI that best suits their repayment capability.
  2. Shriram City: It is one of the leading Non-Banking Financial Companies in India, which is delivering easy financing options for Amo Mobility’s Electric Scooty. Shriram City provides the best electric vehicle financing with cheap interest rates and flexible repayment terms. The company's documentation and application process are simple and straightforward.
  3. Manappuram finance Ltd: Manappuram Finance Ltd has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Amo Mobility for an electric vehicle consumer and dealer finance agreement. Manappuram Finance would eventually involve its network of over 3000 branches across India in providing end-to-end financing solutions to Amo electric scooter customers.
  4. Kotak Prime: With Kotak Mahindra Prime Limited's Two Wheeler EV Finance, buying an electric scooter or electric bike may be a trouble-free, quick, and trustworthy practice. KMPL may be able to fund up to 100% of the vehicle's On-Road pricing. The company provides a minimum loan amount of Rs. 25000 that is processed quickly.
  5. MAS financial services: The company has also partnered with Amo Mobility to offer hassle-free EV finance to consumers from suburban and rural regions of India. The loan amount for your electric scooter ranges from Rs. 15000 to Rs, 2 lakh. The turnaround time for the same is very quick.
  6. HDB financial services: Customers of Amo Electric Scooters and Electric Bikes will be able to take advantage of the financing option from HDB through the company's nationwide network of over 700 dealerships. HDB EV finance offers low down-payment options and free roadside assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It's simple and convenient to apply for an instant two-wheeler e-scooter loan at HDB Financial Services.
  7. Zest Money: Amo Mobility recently announced a partnership with ZestMoney to provide EMI financing to clients in India who wish to buy its electric scooters.
  8. ShopSe: ShopSe, India's leading instant EMI platform, has partnered with Amo Mobility to allow you to pay for your electric scooter in convenient and free installments. ShopSe is revolutionizing the loan experience for electric vehicle purchasers, thanks to its large vendor base and lender connections.
  9. Paytail: Amo Mobility has teamed with this incredible tech-based EV retail financer to provide loans to their electric scooter customers in a variety of Indian cities. Through scalable technology solutions, Paytail is redefining offline commerce by allowing quick paperless EMIs to EV buyers.