A good belt reveals a lot about a guy’s personality. Because knowing how to select and style men's belts really tell the world you’re adept at conquering the simplest of tasks.
Just like shoes and ties, there is a lot to style different types of belts for specific occasions, and once you
get pro at nailing the dress code, your next challenge would be to sift through the heaps of brands to find the ideal belt colors, texture, and buckle.
Purchasing the nicest belt and wearing it properly is not a hectic fashion chore. However, your personal preference matters a lot in terms of belt design, features, and styling aspects. This will definitely lead you to get a perfect belt as a great addition to your everyday wardrobe.
When it comes to men’s dress belts, a seamlessly designed leather belt can be teamed up with a number of attires including suits, trousers, smart-casual pants, and chinos. Elegant and uber-chic dress belts are usually 2.5 to 3.5 cm thick, rendered in finest leather; calf, cow, snakeskin, and even crocodile.
Now depending upon your style and material preference, you can choose from a range of leather belts. If you want to go for affordable belts, you can select faux leather or synthetic belts.


Brown, tan, and black are the standardized colors that can go with almost every ensemble. To achieve a debonair look, it is important to match your belts with formal leather shoes. It is suggested to avoid unusual belts because your costly suit and striking hairstyle will be overshadowed due to outrageous belts. If you’re attending a formal get-together or an intimate gathering, match your belt to your accessories such as a watch, a piece of jewelry, or cufflinks. This will also make it easy for you to choose from silver, bronze, or gold-toned belts.


When it comes to the texture of your leather belt, try to opt for subtle grain leather having the same stitching color as the leather. Avoid wearing milled leather belts on your formal occasions, look for a plain and polished leather belt with fine weaving patterns if you really want to spot the textural difference. However, you can opt for a belt with minimal texture to keep the balance between your plain ensemble and belt.

Casual Belts

Because of their more relaxed outfit pairings, there are fewer rules regarding casual belts for men. As a result, the belts you wear reflect your personal style and personality. The width of the belts varies, from thin vintage-inspired leather belts to braided to ring-style, canvas leather belts with large buckles. Choose a style that complements the code of your ensemble. Do you have any doubts? Choose something in a neutral color of flexible, unpolished leather with an oxidized silver buckle. This kind goes well with just about anything.

Formal Belts

Formal belts are best started with a dark brown or black leather belt. Consider your leather shoe color before picking on a belt color, or go for a double-sided belt with brown and black color selections at the twist of the buckle for the utmost versatility.
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