To take advantage of EMIs on card transactions, simply ensure that your credit card or debit card account is linked to your . Once verified, you can set up the EMI facility for your purchase, by selecting "EMI" as your payment option.

I have started a new job in the city but I am still in the process of moving my home here. So, to close my previous apartment, I will be needing the electricity and water bills of the last six months. It would be easier if you could send me an SMS request so that I can forward you the documents online once they are ready. 

Do you know how to use EMI on the credit card to your advantage? The EMIs let you spread the cost of your credit card liability for an entire year. They also save on interest charges incurred by running into high credit limits.

Are you still paying high EMIs for your monthly expenses? Get an EMI without a credit card from us and get many benefits that will help you manage your EMIs better! Learn more about the sign-up process and the benefits offered.

If you are looking to purchase a product over and above Rs 50,000 on a credit card, then you can easily make the purchase without paying a lump sum by availing the facility of interest-free credit. Let us know the product that you want to buy and we will find the best credit card deal for you.

What's so special about emi? It's special because you can use it, even if you don't really have loads of cash all the time. You see, when you pay under emi, your credit card company gives you the product you want today and spreads the price over several months. Now that sounds like a pretty neat idea, doesn't it?