You may be one of the several people who get complaints from your neighbors due to throwing an indoor party with a massive sound system, or from just listening to your favorite music at high volume.

Your neighbors might be marveling why you have to install such a loud system for a birthday party, why you like to turn up the volume while listening to music or why your band always like to practice at night and so on. They marvel why you don’t use headphones, or throw the party somewhere else instead of your house so that won’t hamper their sleep or their relaxation at home. They may better realize if you are a teenager, but what if you are not a teenager, or you are the parents of your teenage girls or boys. Your neighbors expect you to respect them and may not be able to tolerate the loud music coming from your house. Nonetheless, you or your teenagers don’t want to give up the loud music simply because of the complaint of a neighbor. There is something you can do about this, which is the installation of soundproof foam that will enable you to play your loud music without annoying the neighbors.

If you have to soundproof your music studio for singing rehearsals or band, you will require good quality soundproof foam, as you want the best acoustics in the studio. You can look for these foams by browsing online or just going to music equipment shops as they generally have many options of soundproofing foam with various prices.

If you just want to soundproof your home so that if you throw a party the noise will stay home, or you want to block the noise from outside your house, you are going to require foam that is different from the one for use in a studio. The density of the foam also depends on how much sound reduction you require. If you just want to lessen the noise from traffic outside your house, you don’t require very dense foam. On the contrary, if you require a foam type that can completely block noise in either direction so you can throw an indoor party without creating an annoyance in your neighborhood; you are going to require much denser foam. As the price of the foam for the houses and the studios is generally not inexpensive, you will have to be ready to pay an affordable price.

As an option to acoustic foam, you can also use acoustic panels. It works well as soundproofing works just like egg cartons. The memory foam rolled mattresses are also more reasonable.

In a nutshell, with these recommendations you can get soundproof curtains on your own. The project will just cost some money or possibly nothing at all. As a matter of fact, you can have some fun doing the project.