The elastic sleeve pin coupling has many characteristics

Elastic sleeve pin couplings are generally divided into LT type (formerly TL type) elastic sleeve pin coupling and LTZ (formerly TLL type) elastic sleeve pin coupling with brake wheel.Get more news about Elastic Sleeve Pin Coupling Factory,you can vist our website!
The elastic sleeve column pin coupling uses a column pin with an elastic sleeve (rubber material) at one end, which is installed in the flange hole of the two halves of the coupling to realize the connection of the two halves of the coupling. It is also the most widely used in China. Coupling, it is simple in structure, easy to manufacture, does not need lubrication, does not need to be bonded with metal vulcanization, easy to replace the elastic sleeve, does not need to move the half coupling, has a certain compensation for the relative deviation of the two shafts and damping performance, elastic sleeve The work is compressed and deformed. Because the thickness of the elastic sleeve is thin, the volume is small, and the elastic deformation is limited, the elastic sleeve column tip coupling can compensate the axis displacement and elasticity, but the axis displacement, the allowable compensation amount is less, and the elasticity is more weak.
The elastic sleeve pin coupling relies on the locking force of the pin group to generate the friction torque on the contact surface, and compress the rubber elastic sleeve to transmit the torque.It is suitable for small and medium-power shafting transmissions with good rigidity of the installation base, high centering accuracy, low impact load, and low vibration reduction requirements.
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