Your objectives for researching that particular area and bear in mind a future employer mere wouldn't read your thesis hence the importance of your title after your introduction what you have in your literature review now once again from experience and I've read many theses many dissertations students tend to because they've got such easy access to the custom thesis service in UK and electronic journals and also through your university and internal intranet there's potentially too much information out there so what I say in many submissions.

I haven't surprised is whereby students simply shotgun the information into the literature review and the literature review has to be concise you have to justify what are the key things in the literature so what I recommend students do is create diagrams throughout their thesis and once again this will help signpost your Assessors in the external online mba thesis writing help on what your thought process is so the literature review you'll create a diagram you will have your question in the middle and this will be bigger figure one and what you will do is from reading the journal papers your first journal paper what you'll do you'll add key things or not then when you come to read your second journal paper use a different pen and then if you come across additional subject areas you can add to them however hopefully you will be duplicating current things and as you build up this diagram make sure you put your reference source so the reader the examiners can identify.

This is your diagram this is your question these are the key themes relevant and you've duplicated them because you've been reading various journals and you've identified that these are the key things and the references so what you will then do in your literature review you will talk about these themes and how they are connected they're not in isolation how they are connected in a logical structure within that next section is your methodology and if you can imagine your methodology with sometimes students struggle with many students submit theses or dissertations with a weak methodology section and lose marks so it's critical that your methodology justifies the tools in which you're using so think about a plumber receives a call to go out to a property to fix a leaky pipe or a leaky radiator the plumber will attend with a box of tools.