The onset of summer means warm weather, vacations, barbeques in the backyard, and family trips, among other things. Apart from the warmer weather and open skies, summer could also bring those usual summer showers during warm months every year.

With the rising heat, you need to consider certain things to do to prepare your house for the rest of the season. This article arms you with three top summer roof maintenance tips.

1 – Get rid of any debris

It is time to clean up any debris collected on the roof over the summer. The debris could include branches and twigs that can cause cracks or holes in the roof and cause roof leaks.

If you intend to remove the debris from your roof yourself, take precautions to ensure safety. Ensure that you wear slip-resistant shoes and invest in a leaf blower to clean parts of the roof that are inaccessible.

2 – Replace missing shingles

It could seem like a simple job to replace shingles, but laying new shingles over existing ones or hammering the wrong nails could damage the structure. Choosing the wrong shingle could cause them to crack, fade, or even make them susceptible to algae.

Be very careful because even small patchwork repairs could have a huge impact on the health and safety of your roof. A contractor for roof repair in Frisco could help with the safe replacement of shingles.

3 – Clean up & replace loose gutters

Most homeowners are not too keen on spending their afternoon cleaning out the gutters, but it is a crucial job that could prevent severe damage to the house.

The gutters can get clogged up with birds' nests, leaves, dirt, etc. With clogged gutters, you could find water accumulated in them, and it could sit beneath the shingles, aiding the growth of mold and decay.

Final word

Your roof is vital to your house. Still, many of us do not understand how the heat, moisture, storms, etc., can compromise the house's integrity. Hence, make a do not skip your summer roof maintenance.

Yet many of us don't realize how heat, humidity, and storms can affect the integrity of our roofs. It's important not to skip out on your summer roof maintenance. If you require roof repair in Dallas, call in the experts from StazOn Roofing.