If you are searching complete entertainment then you can play online games. There are so many online games, it is great confusion like which game is best. If you are a skilled person and searching best game then you can try Mahjong. It is a skill-based game of Oriental origin that was initially played between four players along with 15 tiles set. It even has special characters and symbols with winning and scoring rules that varied. At the present, the game is relished all over the world and the facility of Mahjong online provides a convenient type of entertainment throughout mobile and desktop digital gadgets. The terms differ with different available mahjong games. These contain MAHJONG TITANS, Solitaire and Classic, Alchemy, Connect types, Empire, Looney Tunes and Dream pet Mahjong games. You should know that Mahjong Titans is the simplest to know and play.

Not like the usual Chinese Mahjong that was played by up to four different people, this can be online played by one player and is appropriate on different windows platform. It needs that you select from six figures of a dragon, cat, crab, fortress, turtle and spider and these represent the different levels of difficulty. By effectively matching the exposed or open tiles, you need to match all tiles until there is not any pair left to match perfectly.

Simple Terms for Mahjong Titans game

With this interesting game, you just follow the rules as well as think clever. Simple and easy rules that you can follow are mentioned online and are here too:


  • By choosing the tile you need to move, match along with the accurate tile of similar lay out
  • Keep similar the pairs of tile that match
  • You can keep matching the tiles, you can keep earning points
  • For more and more points, find similar pairs in a single row

As, it is a mind game like some other card games, intelligent thinking would make you the winner. For simpler hints on the possible pairs to match, you can press H and for more help, you can click on the help button.

Mahjong Titans Online is suitable as you can save your record for later extension. It indicates you can collect points at your own speed for more and more bonuses. Advance technology evenpermits you to customize your information with animation and sound settings to provide you more enjoyment in the game.

You don’t need to know Chinese characters and symbols to play as the six items stated apply to all the people. It is an entertaining game for all gender and ages; you can amuse yourself with the effective tool while you are stuck up in traffic or as a reliever of stress. It is a good exercise for mind specially for students that wish to get better their thinking ability. The best thing regarding this game is that you don’t want a partner to get pleasure from the game; you can only have a ball from somewhere with your phone if it has Windows application throughout the appropriate links.