Construction sites are prone to accidents. As there are several people available on site, with various materials and heavy equipment; safety is a huge concern for everyone. And it is not limited to the construction site only. Safety for the surrounding areas is just as important as for the people on-site.


There are different ways to protect the surroundings when heavy materials and types of equipment are being used and access mats are one of them. They are one of the most commonly used methods to shield the environment during drilling and excavation etc. 

What is Access Mat?

An access mat is composed of rubber, wood, or composite with the aim to cover the ground on construction and power sites. The method of laying out the access mat is better known as access matting and is one of the most durable techniques to date. 


Access mats create a temporary roadmap throughout the construction area and allow safe transportation of large machinery. These mats are promising when it comes to securing the surrounding environment and the construction site ground. The utilization of these mats, helps you decrease the negative impact of construction on the environment. 

Importance of Access Mats:

As mentioned above, access mats play a huge role in the protection of the surrounding areas and the overall environment of a construction site. But we have summed up some of the basic advantages of access mating, right here, for you to have a better understanding of this technique. 

  • Durable Covering:

Access mats are highly durable ground covers that create a study pathway for transporting heavy machinery across the construction site. Certain access mats protect the machine and the ground together. This strong and firm option is extremely long-lasting and makes it easier for people to operate on the site and around it as well. 

  • Safety:

One of the major benefits of access matting is safety. Construction sites usually have uneven grounds as everything is a work in progress on-site. Therefore, with access mats, you are able to provide a stable ground for the workers. It not only makes it a safe pathway for transportation of material and equipment but ensures worker safety too. Access mats have proven to be extremely helpful in enhancing construction site safety for labor. 

  • Contributing Positively to the Environment:

Using heavy machines on construction sites leaves a huge impact on the surrounding areas. It leads to soil erosion and also alters the basis of the ground. However, with access matting, these issues can be avoided in the first makes it easier for construction sites to recover from the impact of constant equipment and construction methods. 

The Bottom Line; are access mats worth it? 

Is access matting important? Yes, without a doubt, access mats are extremely important for construction sites. They contribute largely to the safety of the workers and also reduce the risk of negative environmental changes and impacts.