Your wedding DJ is an integral part of your big day. Your wedding DJ is more than just playing music on the dancefloor. Professional wedding DJs can do many things. Some of these will be obvious while others may be less obvious. It is worth spending the time to hire a professional wedding DJ as part of your planning process. These are just a few of the many services your rockstar DJ can provide, in addition to playing major songs.

Sets the Day-of-Timeline.

A DJ who is experienced can be a great help, as they are familiar with the timelines for specific sections of the reception. The timeline will be set by your wedding DJ. Announcements will also be made. They will adjust if there are delays.

Can you make music during the ceremony?

While it is a great idea to hire live musicians for your wedding ceremony and the cocktail hour, a professional DJ can also play recorded music. A wedding DJ who plays the right music will make it memorable. Music will make your ceremony a success. You can have your DJ play upbeat music at cocktail hour, but it shouldn't distract from the main activities, such as drinking, mixing and dancing.

Provide Sound Equipment:

A wedding DJ can provide sound equipment that is high quality and works flawlessly. You won't hear your guests' introductions to the couple, the lyrics of the first dance song, best man's toast, announcements that dinner is served, or the end.

Supply Lighting (May),

While we would recommend hiring a company that specializes in lighting for larger events, most melbourne wedding dj offer uplighting. Uplighting, a smaller form of lighting, can be used on the dance floor to illuminate your tables. Ask your wedding DJ to include this feature in your package. It's possible to hire professional lighting companies if this is not possible.

Checking equipment

A wedding reception with too much or too little music can cause problems. It can even lead to dead air due to malfunctioning equipment. Experienced DJs will use the best equipment and perform sound checks at the venue before the reception to ensure everything is working properly.

You can set the mood:

A wedding DJ's role can be simplified by saying "plays music." It's much more than picking out and playing music. A wedding DJ in Melbourne is the best because they know how to set the mood and read the crowd. If you want the party to be wild, they will know which songs are best to get everyone dancing. If you're looking for a romantic atmosphere, your DJ can create one. If your guests are sitting too comfortably, a skilled wedding DJ can get them moving.

Helps You Choose Special Songs:

Your wedding DJ can assist you with choosing the right songs for your special dances. Experiential DJs are able to see what songs work and not and keep up with the latest music. It is important to meet with your wedding DJ in person. Your song and do-not play lists should be prepared a few weeks in advance of your wedding. You (or your guests!) will be able to request a wide range of music from your DJ. They are available to be requested, but you need to understand if and when they should be played.

Serves As Emcee:

The master of ceremonies (also known as an emcee) is your wedding DJ. Your DJ will be your host, cruise director, or point person for the evening. They announce the next event and make sure everyone is informed. Your wedding DJ will be far more professional and authoritative that you shouting, "Dinner is served!" You can say, "Time to take the bouquet toss!" over the blasting music. Your guests and you will be more likely follow professional wedding DJ instructions. Your spouse will not be the one to ask for details. This will make sure that everything runs smoothly and you have the time of your lives as newlyweds.

Make song cuts and mashups with

Do you worry that the song you choose for the cake cutting may be too long? It doesn't matter what your song is for the cake cutting. Start the father-daughter dance with a slow song and then surprise your guests by playing Bruno Mars music. You can have a DJ remix it for you. Many DJs are able to create remixes or mashups, and adjust the song lengths to meet your needs. Ask!

All Hiccups covered:

There are many things that can go wrong during your wedding day. Good wedding DJs can help you get back on track. Let's say that dinner is a bit late. Your DJ can play some more songs to make sure guests don't notice the food is not ready. Perhaps your dad is not available. Your dad might not be available, so the DJ can step in. With a professional DJ and experienced coordinator, you can be certain that your guests won't notice any unusual events.