There are a plethora of credit cards in Kuwait, and the customer is actually spoilt for choice. Therefore credit cards in Kuwait need some investigation before deciding which is the best one.

The first point to note is that various banks issue credit cards, and different banks have different types of credit cards with varying benefits. There is, of course, the vanilla credit card which has a credit limit and can be used in most places. But such cards do not have additional benefits.

However, the best credit card in Kuwait would be the one which suits your needs and also offers the most benefits. There are several high-value cards which are available, but these are for people who have very high earnings. Some cards require a salary of about 20,000 KWD.

Depending on the needs, it is possible to figure out which is the best credit card in Kuwait. The first thing to look at is what benefits the card offers apart from the credit that all cards offer. Many banks offer substantial benefits to encourage people to use their cards.

Visit the website of the major banks and see what kind of cards they have and what advantages the card offers. There can be reward point offers for each purchase using the card. This is a benefit, and if the usage of the card is heavy, then these points can amount to substantial savings in many cases. They can be redeemed for goods or services. Sometimes these points can be transferred to participating airlines and used to get an upgrade or even a free ticket. These cards also offer other services.

Some cards offer free access to airport lounges across several countries without reference to the ticket class. This is a big plus and sometimes is a lifesaver. If you travel a lot and have to undergo layovers in airports, this card could really be useful.

Then there are cards which offer cashback facilities against purchases made on the card. If the card is needed for regular purchases, then this card could be the one. However, just one benefit does not make a very good choice. There are other benefits which must also be present.

Discounts are a feature which some cards offer. Credit cards in Kuwait offer these features, although not all do. Check to see which cards offer this facility. Check to see if the participating establishments are ones which you would use. Its no point having discounts from stores which you may never use. However, if the discount feature works, then that's a plus.

The first thing that will indicate the best credit card in Kuwait is the applicant's requirements and financial capacity. A high-end card would require a high level of income. If this requirement is ok with you, then selecting one of the high-end cards makes sense because these cards are loaded with freebies.

There is another factor which will dictate which is the best card. Each card carries charges which it. It is necessary to check what these charges are. Select the one which has the least charges. Also, the card must offer an interest-free period for payment of the dues. This is normally 5 days.

A good card will be one which offers discounts and other benefits and does not charge too much for the services. Redeeming points must also be easy. Some cards offer points which do not expire. Therefore there is a chance to collect a large number of points over a period of time and redeem them for something of value.

Security is another aspect which needs to be checked as it is extreme;y important. Does the card offer retail insurance? Protection against card loss? How fast does the card get replaced if it is lost or stolen? These are crucial points that must be considered in deciding which is the best credit card in Kuwait.

Other features such as discounts for hotel bookings, airline tickets and discounts at restaurants are also things which must be considered. Depending on lifestyle, some of these features are a must-have; if the cardholder travels a lot, some of the features like free lounge access and upgrades using reward points are hugely beneficial. Therefore several things must be looked at simultaneously to decide which is the best credit card in Kuwait.

Ideally, the best card would be the one which offers the best features and advantages and does not charge too much for the services. It is a question of balancing the advantages with the costs. The advantages, too, must match the needs of the applicant. Having features which do not benefit the cardholder makes no sense.

Therefore the best credit card in Kuwait is the card which offers the maximum benefit at a minimum cost. High-end cards have high-end rewards, but their cost is sometimes quite high. If a high-end card is what the customer wants, it is best to choose the one with the maximum advantages built in. Such cards generally do not have many restrictive rules governing usage and would be perfect for someone who can fulfil the requirements of such a card.