Some of the tastiest grill plates and entrees can now be savored right here in the middle of Glendale, CA, when  you’re visiting “Art’s Bakery & Cafe” that prepares fresh & juicy meat preparations from chicken, lamb, beef, pork and Sturgeon or Salmon fish. And, if you love something passionately smoked, grilled, roasted, deep fried and lightly sautéed, there cannot be a better place than this particular cafeteria and restaurant that freshly prepares a wide assortment of mouthwatering meat dishes that every foodoholic is going to love savoring. If you’re one of those barbeque or grill plate lovers, this is simply heaven for you. Here, you get to taste the finest of Harissa, Beef Stroganoff, Zucchini Kotlet, Grilled Salmon steak, family kabob platter, Berkshire grilled bone-in pork ribs, Uzbek Pilaf, beef kotlet, chicken noodle soup, Sturgeon fish plate, beef shish kabob, chicken kabob, etc. All you food lovers that have been craving for something spicy, meaty, juicy and saucy can always drop-in at one such exceptional gourmet paradise that prepares and serves fresh meat platters and grill plates, straight from the oven.


An Amazing Assortment of Grill Menus & Barbeque Dishes for the Die-Hard Foodies

Whether you are preparing for lunch, brunch or evening snack, it has to be the best of the Glendale grill menu from one such popular city-based restaurant & cafe that sells it all. Here, you can savor some delicious and tasty chicken kotlet plate, beef kotlet plate, oven baked Cornish hen chicken, Buffalo chicken wings, Sturgeon fish family platter, Khinkali beef dumplings, boneless country-style baby pork ribs, and much more. All of these freshly prepared items are so tasty, filling, satisfying to the senses and igniting for the taste buds that you would certainly come back for more. The perfect charcoal grill brings out the smoky flavor, which is so insanely mouthwatering and lip smacking. The tender & juicy meat pieces, with the garnishing of herbs, veggies and topping of cream & cheese, is bound to create a finger licking effect upon  all you grill plate freaks and red meat lovers. No wonder why people are flocking in numbers to this city-based restaurant and eatery that prepares all the lovely dishes and meat preparations that you can literally think of. Well, I guess there cannot be a better way to satisfy your tummy, dormant lying taste buds and your cravings, when it comes to a full lunch or meal.