Precult is a professional expert in-home sanitization and disinfection service in Delhi NCR. Our sanitization services expert in Delhi NCR will arrive at your office and home to present you with the quality sanitization services in Delhi NCR. Our home Sanitization service will make your life simple and will save your time and money.

We are a dedicated and result-giving team of experts who presents you with home disinfection service in Delhi NCR. We don't compromise on the quality of the cleaning solutions. We apply eco-friendly and government-recommended products for the office sanitization & disinfection service Delhi because we care about your loved ones.                    

We do not outsource any sanitization service; our trained experts sanitize your office for 100% satisfaction. Our office sanitization services cover floor cleaning, dusting, cabinet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, etc. We see for healthy surroundings at your home, so we present you with the best services we can offer in town. Depend on our service for a germ-free and clean house.

We guarantee you that our trained specialists will not disappoint you with their work. They use extremely specific machines and tools to meet your requirements and satisfy you with the best results.

Why do we require Office Sanitization?

We don’t think about how regularly we use the things at our desk or in our office, and we do not think about sanitizing them. This is a big problem because a good amount of the germs in an office can be found on our desks and right at our fingertips. Phones can consider a large number of bacteria because our mouth is so close to it, and it unusually gets cleaned after using it. Keyboards and mouse are also a breeding area for germs because they are being touched all day long.

  1. Sanitizing the office is necessary for the below-given reasons.
    • It can increase good health between employees, lessen the risk of flu outbreaks, and even promote productivity and morale.
    • A clean office can also create better-perceived value for our clients.
    • More satisfied clients collect more profits.
  1. There is a difference between cleaning and disinfecting. You want to make sure you are doing both but, most importantly, disinfecting a surface to prevent bacteria growth and kill germs present.


  • We use disinfectants to sanitize spaces that are risky to work and humans. This includes using a disinfectant that is secure and harmless to humans and organic materials.
  • We use Hydrogen Peroxide solution, which is reduced in water and is sprayed under high pressure, utilizing our patented spray pump. It develops such small bits that they reach out to small and minute areas. These hydrogen peroxide particles float in the air and start binding with the bacteria and other germs, causing an enzymatic action and killing them.
  • The sprayed room now has to be left overnight for the entire area to be sanitized. Through the method, no AC’s or vents are to be operated or opened. Once the spraying is completed, we leave the area/room closed for 4-6 hours for the action to take place.
  • The area is sanitized and can be checked for any harmful organism by doing a particle test or culture swabs or air samples. Finally, the AC’s can be put on for 1 hour so that the circulation of particles is done correctly.
  • Post the entire method, people are allowed inside the area for work.
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