High voltage underground multicore cables usually used for the transmission and distribution of power have metallic sheath or metallic wire surrounding the cable. Metallic parts of the conducting cable tend to carry substantial portion of the fault current when interlocking or corrugated armor were to come into contact or close proximity with electrical current from sources such as exposed wiring, faulty electrical systems, lightning or other events. This creates the potential & induction phenomenon & can be really hazardous as they cause - electrical shock, fire, damage to electronics and system failures resulting in downtime. We are here with the exact solution i.e. – adopting a Maintenance free earthing system involving copper bonded rods, earth enhancement compound and exothermic welding system/ clamps.

An alternate path for the fault should be provided to enhance the stability of voltage conditions, preventing the excessive voltage peaks during faults by simply grounding and bonding both ends of the metallic sheath. Earthing is the process of discharging fault current to the ground through a low resistance which should be installed with immense care. JMV an expert dealing in the manufacturing of electrical safety products and solution aims at executing things accurately for it to be effective and everlasting.  Earth being an excellent conductor, the overflow of excess energy will be directed to ground when earthing is installed and is essential to avert a person from being the low resistance path. A ground circuit should be established for the metallic sheath and armour of multicore cables for safe electrical system operations and for reducing the circulating current and potential difference between sheathing.

Simple solution for multicore cable protection using maintenance free earthing installation:

Conventionally, we practiced methods which seeks early replacement and frequent maintenance using copper or GI plates as the buried conductor. Furthermore the backfill compound used was salt and charcoal which retards the life span of the earthing system and so they are gradually discontinued. 

Maintenance free earthing system or chemical earthing is a widely accepted earthing technique that renders a hassle free setup using Copper Bonded Rods and earth enhancement compound. JMV’s copper bonded rod is a concoction of steel coated with pure copper of 250 microns thickness obeying numerous mandatory standards like IEC 62561-2, NF C 17-100, IEEE 80 and IS 3043. The international standard IEC 62561-2 complied by copper bonded steel rods stands in the need that the rods must not slip or tear when driven into the ground. Rod is so designed and manufactured by our high tech team so that it is durable in the long run. 

Earth enhancement compound are pure carbon based compound utilized to enhance the soil conditions and they also work on the resistivity and moisture retaining attribute. This particular earthing technique is a 100% dependable mechanism recommended. 


Literally effortless and an effective technique that involves: The Copper Bonded Rod driven into a pit of length 2-3 meter. Space surrounding the rod is then filled with carbon based backfill/Earth Enhancement Compound for better conductivity. The connections to earth are then established using a exothermic welding technique.

Transient Bonding Unit:

As the excessive indirect lightning current needs to be safely discharge to ground via certain path - Transient bonding unit conforming to IEC 62305-4, is provided for safely discharging the indirect lightning surges & ground potential and ensures the smooth operation